3+1 Reasons Why You Should NOT Miss Webpreneur University Gig

Hello from Dubai SCG.

Yes, I am still in this hot city, even though I “planned” to stay only for 5 days, I am finishing my second week, here. (You, see that is why I do not plan! I just flexibly adapt to situations/miracles/opportunities, which presents themselves in front of me) One of the miracle which made me prolong my stay in Dubai, was Webpreneur University Camp, which I have attended 2 weeks ago.  (Once again great thanks goes to Amir Anzur for making it happen). Tomorrow will be kick off for the last Webpreneur Uni Camp (6-7 Aug) before taking couple of months off. Therefore I would like to name 3 reasons, why I will not miss it and why you should not miss it too!;-)


You will meet bunch of great people sharing their know-how unconditionally.

Webpreneur Camp Gang (23-24 July 2010)


You will connect with people who have dreams and drive to strive for more than 9 t0 5 job. It is truly spiritual – break through like experience;-)

Break- through excercise as part of Carol's NLP talk.


You will learn from experts, who walk their talk and they are all out to help you with setting up your own “webpreneur life“;-)

Generous speakers (from left): Dariush, Nuridin, Carol, Amir, Khuram & Mehraj


If anyone of you is in Dubai (or nearby) and you have some friends/relatives who live here. Tell them about it and bring them along! It will be worth every penny, you/they will invest;-)

More over if you will use password: Inspiring Shipments you will get 11% off the ticket price at the spot! Yay!;-)

P.S.: + One more reason to come is that, I will have a brand new talk premiere😉 Curious? Join us!


  1. Morning Ivana!

    Indeed SC reason to stay in Dubai for more, It’s very clear that Webpreneur University Camp is wonderful platform to learn from wonderful people.

    I see SC Gang-ers are also connecting with people at Webpreneur (including me), which is awesome.;)

    3 reasons are very solid to be there, looking for the +1.

    • 😉 Hey Waqas,

      thanks for your speed of light like comment!;-)
      I am very delighted to see that SCG-ers are connecting with folks from Webpreneur Uni!;-) Connect, learn and make this world better place is possible only when one condition is full-filled: TOGETHER we are!;-)

      I wish you could be present too, you would love it.
      One day, InshaAllah.

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