#Shoes Matter! Have You Got Your @HometownShoes Yet?

Hiya SCG,

why all that noise about shoes? Isn’t it too materialistic to say that shoes matter? Isn’t it only image component? Well, there are three reasons why I am so obsessed with shoes. The first reason has roots all the way in my childhood; ever since I was a child I was taught (by both my grandparents and parents) that one should ALWAYS wear clean – high quality and polished shoes, because: [Read more…]

Impact of a powerful sneezer or how to have the busiest day on blog.

Hello SCG,

it has been over a week since I was ‘digesting’ online attention and new folks around our #IS blog. What was the reason for it?-> One of the most powerful sneezer in the blogosphere mentioned latest #IS shipment = blog post on here and here. “Who the heck is a sneezer?”, you might be asking.What caused #IS to have the busiest day in its 2 and half years long history?”, you might be curious to know, but most importantly, you might be pondering, “How can this story help you to be talked about/linked by a powerful influencer in your field? If, so then read on. [Read more…]

42 Quotes from “Stop Stealing Dreams” #manifesto by Seth Godin

stopstealingdreamsHello SCG,

last few days I have been cracking the latest shipment by SCG-er Seth Godin and here is the result of it. Wrap up of the best quotes, which stroke the chord with me.

Stop Stealing Dreams is manifesto written to inspire those who care about changing our outdated educational system.

If you belong to those who see an urgent change in the way we learn, this manifesto is a must read for you. If you are still hesitant about it, this blog post with hand-picked quotes might bring you to our side.

Enjoy. Spread the word (tweet with hash tag #stopstealingdreams). Act. It is time to bring our dreams back to life.

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Hello 2012, Meet #Digital #Nomads

Hello SCG,

I am back! Year of Dragon has started two days back and so shipping for #IS. Geez, how much I missed you…I have been going through very transforming, hectic and emotional times. Now is the time to start capturing lessons learned from all those experiences. I believe that by sharing it with you and starting a conversation about it, can make all of us better shippers. So, here we go -> first post in 2012 was collaboratively created by #IS  and inspired by interview, which I have given for prestigious Slovak business magazine earlier this month. [Read more…]

[Updated] 27 Video Collection of Seth Godin’s Talks

Hey SCG,

let me serve you a special video shipment, dedicated to a man who has inspired me, continuously inspires me & I bet that, he will carry on inspiring me on my journey. Yeah, you know him, too. I am talking about the Seth Godin. If you were too busy to read any of his books [he wrote 13 of them!]  or following daily doses of Seth’s blog & you are not very familiar with his art (yet!) -> Now is your chance to catch up with Seth (or consider this as refresh on his philosophy you already know about).  I suspect, that after watching following 10 videos of Seth, you might will be in the picture and on the same page with those us who ship, have guts to challenge a status quo and draw maps instead of following them.  Enjoy! [Read more…]

Why Living “Up In the Cloud” Is So Convenient?

Hey SCG,

no worries, I have not mistaken title of this blog with George Clooney’s movie “Up In the Air” nor with Bryan Adam’s song Cloud no. 9. So, what do I mean by “up in the cloud”, then? In this shipment I would like to give you intro into, why I love cloud computing platforms and how they can make your lives easier, too

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Why Is R(SS)eading Good For You?

Hiya SCG,

lately there have been quite a buzz  about RSS feeds and its survival chances. Seth Godin is certainly in favor of RSS feeds, because as he said: RSS is quiet and fast and professional and largely hype-free. Mathew Ingram from GigaOM has elaborated on RSS fuzz with great post: “Sure, RSS Is Dead — Just Like the Web Is Dead“, which bottom line was: “The fact that RSS may be fading in terms of mainstream user awareness is actually a good thing rather than a bad one.” Fred Wilson dedicated two posts to RSS feeds; First one was about how RSS are not dead and then he continued with break down of traffic and RSS leads to his AVC blog. So,what has Inspiring Shipments (#IS) to say about RSS?

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(Y)our Mediocre Work Affects Whole Country or Why Slovakia Needs to Wake Up Before It Is Too Late

Hiya SCG,

you might have noticed pretty modest amount of my shipping and insights this week. It was caused by very intensive 3 days, which moved me and transformed me again. I will not go into details much, as I am still digesting lessons learned from it and how it has affected me. But briefly, I have turned down assignment and have given up couple of thousands Euro of income for next month, because I could not risk my name and credibility to deliver work, which is not top-notch. (requirement was to do it “just like that”…) [Read more…]

Why On Earth Did We Let Money Rule Our Earth?


I have been bumping into money related books, articles, blogs and videos recently a lot ; And you might agree with me, that with approaching  spending festive season of Christmas, availability of money in our wallets is gaining on its importance. Right? So, I have decided to share with some of those resources with you, which might get you thinking about concept of money, too.

[WARNING: this is one of the longest posts on #IS + ideas in it, might disturb your perception of the perfect world you thought, you live in. Read it at your own risk]  😉 [Read more…]

Total Customer’s Trust? Groteska Cafe Will Teach You

Even Coffee Latte Smiles In Groteska

Hello SCG,

idea for today’s shipment “was born” on Wednesday evening in my favorite coffee shop in Poprad – Groteska Cafe. So, what event has inspired me to write about trust and customers? Experience, which totally blew me away was, when I have witnessed this…

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