Why Living “Up In the Cloud” Is So Convenient?

Hey SCG,

no worries, I have not mistaken title of this blog with George Clooney’s movie “Up In the Air” nor with Bryan Adam’s song Cloud no. 9. So, what do I mean by “up in the cloud”, then? In this shipment I would like to give you intro into, why I love cloud computing platforms and how they can make your lives easier, too

Note: My sincere apology to all IT geeks for possibly wrong techie lingo, but this shipment provides view from “ordinary user”  experience only.

Which 2 Clouds Did I Move Into Recently?

1. Google Apps

I simply cannot imagine any better FREE tool for collaboration, then Google Apps. Both NGLS Conferences were managed via it. How? Like this:

:: Google Forms helped to get registration running or served as brainstorming tool for collecting ideas.

My numerous email accounts are united in one spot -> Gmail – very handy, indeed. Don’t tell me that you are checking on your emails in more than one place? Come on, we live in 2011;-)

:: Google Docs are simply adorably simple way to share documents, videos and other files with people you collaborate with. You can make them public or private for the eyes of selected few. Loving it. Do you?

There are tons of other super cool features to help you ship your world changing ideas. Dive into it, play around & have fun!

2. SugarSync

I am totally hooked up with this beauty bellow.WHY?

Because, I can simply check on my important files from anywhere, all I need is internet access. You might object that SugarSync is the same as DropBox – it is & it is NOT.

DropBox gives you only 2 GB free space, whereas SugarSync is giving 5 GB free account. I loved free 5GB SugarSync version so much, that I have upgraded it to 30 GB within few hours after sign up. So, I have my virtual back “Up In the Cloud”, now.

Sign Up for SugarSync & Sweeten Up Your Life, too.

More over both, you &  person who referred you (thanks Karol) to SugarSync can earn neat “thank you bonus space”– > 500MB extra for every free account sign up  & then unbelievable free 10GB space for both in case for choosing paid version.

Here is #IS SugarSync referral link for ya!

Are You A Business Owner? Do You Fancy “To Go Virtual”? Ask:

I cannot imagine any better person to help your company with going virtual, than by “one of us”-> SCG-er & #IS Ambassador -> @ZuzanaUrbanova -> co-founder/owner of  zeom.sk. Zuzana is evangelizing & educating Slovakia/Europe about clouding computing & she also runs cloudcamp.sk

See you up there, in da cloud folks!


which other applications do you use, which enhance your productivity or make collaboration easier & more fun? Do you have any virtual back up of your files or are you carrying around hard drives? What about your company or firm you work for, have you ever considered cloud computing possibilities?


What say you? Will you give a chance to cloud, too?



  1. diana silonova says:

    Absolutely to the cloud! i use all the google apps etc.. something fun we used up in my own business office was logmein…….

  2. Thank you for the amazing blogpost, Ivka! Plus, see a link in czech language I found recently: http://www.mitvsehotovo.cz/2011/01/07/elektronicti-pomocnici/

    I’ve also added a to-do task into my todo list to write the apps I use everyday:)
    Thank you for inspiring, keeping us awake and building such strong relationships, I am grateful! 🙂

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