Question Of the Week #5

Hiya SCG,

I suspect some of you might have noticed, that I went into online silence since Friday; reason for that was a kind of flu attack, which was visiting me for couple of days.

So, this week’s question for you is:

How do you deal with illness?


how does it affect your mood/relationships with those who are close to you? Do you think that you can learn something about yourself from pain/discomfort?

Be well, folks!




  1. Hi Ivana, same is here. I’m also suffering from flu and cold and it has kept me in silence too. So most of the time during sickness, I pass time with myself thinking on different things and drafting the observations.

    But I really enjoy when I get back fine, hope you’ll soon too. Very interesting question indeed. Get well soon my friend!

  2. illness? What is that? 😀

  3. I don’t really fight against it. I love having flu. Yeah, I find running nose, sore throat, cough and temperature incredibly awesome because to me, flu = time to read books, watch movies, slow down, relax, and stop caring about school and start fully focusing and doing the stuff I love 😉

  4. Patricia says:

    Hi Ivana,
    Well I am fighting flu like every month/2 months:(…..unfortunately I am sick very often so its not really fun for me…..thank God I am good patient, I am not nervous or something like that, I am just sleeping like 24/7:)…..but now I found ginger very good to fight the sickness….well as a drink its not really good but somehow it helps to make my imunity stronger… I drink it 3x a day… try ginger with lemon and also cinamon with honey, as well 3x a day:)))….Love the time when I am feeling great, can do everything I want….get better soon:))

  5. Hi Ivana,

    I use to fight with flu with ginger tea (made from real ginger root) some people call it adrak and garlic toasts with lots of onions 🙂 and lots of rest & sleep, pure water, oranges, grapefruits, sweating and sometimes boiled wine 🙂 (good for sweating) It use to take around 3 days. I prefer to not use any medical stuff, just when it gets worse. Well and I also like it sometimes 🙂 time to watch movies or play computer games for a whole day.


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