First Linkfest Portion by #IS Ambassadors for Ya!

Hey SCG,

here we go, premiere inspirational “food for your soul meal” is here. It’s Friday, so lay back on your chair, grab a warm drink, plug in your headphones and unwind with fresh web tips recommended to us by our newly announced #IS Ambassadors. This week’s dish includes ingredients like: tips for entrepreneurs, happiness at work, future of education, movie quotes, stand up comedy, quotes worth remarking about, and much more. Bon Appetite.

2 Links from Waqas Ali:

:: You Can Call Yourself An Entrepreneur When… -> James Altucher, who is a reputable entrepreneur and investor, talks about funny and may be inspiring but real life facts about life being an entrepreneur.

:: Happiness is…a work environment where people feel good about themselves and are empowered to do their best work -> Henry Stewart shares the story of innovations & managements practices which he made in his company Happy. This story doesn’t help only to make great workplace but on making happy culture anywhere.


2 Links from Sidra Qasim:

:: Pakistan: A Land of Misunderstood Opportunity -> Bryan Farris, who is an Acumen Fund Fellow from the Class of 2011, working in Lahore Pakistan, writes about his experience of living in Pakistan.

:: Ze Frank’s nerdcore comedy [TED] Ze Frank delivers a hilarious nerdcore standup routine, then tells us what he’s seriously passionate about: helping people create and interact using simple, addictive web tools.


2 Quotes + Thought by Zuzana Urbanova:

:: “Everything you imagine is possible. (Sounds like shit, I know) but when
you believe & open your heart, you can achieve amazing things!”


:: “By watching your feet as you walk, u won’t trip, but u will get lost. I’d rather look ahead and trip every now and then.”


Zuzka’s thoughts:

Oh, how I love the idea! And you know what? All the time I was angry with my baby boy, because he is looking around and forgets to watch his feet. Now, I see that it`s the beauty of childhood, the curiosity, which keeps him walking ahead in HUGE steps. He is getting smarter & more creative every day, he keeps observing the world and he`s enjoying it so much, that it`s even giving energy to me:) So I guess, starting from today, I will encourage him to trip more;)


2 Videos by me (as Marek Lutz had busy bee week @ work)

:: An Illustrated Video about Teaching in 2030. Found on Sunni Brown’s blog.

:: 7 Minutes Long Remix of  “Reel Wisdom” from Movies. Posted on my Posterous blog, which is filled with tons of interesting videos for you.



what did catch your attention on web lately? Feel free to share it with us in comments!

Have a super cool weekend, guys!


P.S. This is 200th shipment on #IS, yey! 😉 Just sayin’ 😉


  1. Ivka, thank you for sharing & caring:)



  2. Loved ’em all. And yes Zuzaka everything is possible, though it sounds shit sometimes to us. 😉

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