#IS Ambassadors Will Make Your Soul Jump For the 4th Time


I am delighted to be a messenger for our #IS Ambassadors & their blow of inspiration 2.0 for your upcoming weekend/days. Check out this week’s web picks by Waqas, Sidra and Zuzu for you. What did they pick for you this time? Mind-blowing TED talk, 2 stories from MIX = Management Innovation eXchange, video on being a Linchpin and much more. Step in! [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #9

Hey SCG,

how are you doing? It is great to be back after 7 days offline (more on lessons learned from offline detox later). This week’s question was inspired by just concluded TED 2011 Conference. So, I’d love to ask you:

What would be YOUR 18 minutes long TED talk about? [Read more…]

6 Links + 1 Quote = Linkfest Portion #2 for You

Hello SCG,

I am so delighted to see our #IS Ambassadors in action. Check out this week’s web picks by Waqas, Sidra, Marek and Zuzu for you. What is in it? Brilliant TED talk, story of a  freedom fighter in Egypt, power of WOW, post-it notes & robots + thought inspired by infinite beauty of a child. Enjoy!

[Read more…]

First Linkfest Portion by #IS Ambassadors for Ya!

Hey SCG,

here we go, premiere inspirational “food for your soul meal” is here. It’s Friday, so lay back on your chair, grab a warm drink, plug in your headphones and unwind with fresh web tips recommended to us by our newly announced #IS Ambassadors. This week’s dish includes ingredients like: tips for entrepreneurs, happiness at work, future of education, movie quotes, stand up comedy, quotes worth remarking about, and much more. Bon Appetite.

[Read more…]

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