6 Links + 1 Quote = Linkfest Portion #2 for You

Hello SCG,

I am so delighted to see our #IS Ambassadors in action. Check out this week’s web picks by Waqas, Sidra, Marek and Zuzu for you. What is in it? Brilliant TED talk, story of a  freedom fighter in Egypt, power of WOW, post-it notes & robots + thought inspired by infinite beauty of a child. Enjoy!

2 Links from bold young lady Sidra Qasim

:: How we b video powers global innovation ->One cannot explain it in a better way than Chris Anderson.

:: Be Genuine to Create WOW -> by Waqas Ali.


2 Links from one and only Marek Lutz

:: Post it Notes Left to Their Fate In Public Places -> Sometimes a small post-it can make you happy & give you just that little push towards awesomeness. Would you like to find written on random post-it on random place?

:: Keen On… MIT Professor Says Robotic Moment Has Arrived, And We Are Toast -> Nurturing someone or something makes us love it even more… Don’t we nurture our technology, too much?


2 Links from passionate shipper Waqas Ali

:: The Facebook Freedom Fighter -> excellent article by Mike Giglio – fantastic to see some of the behind-the-scenes tactics used to trigger the revolution, the value of anonymity with the We are all Khaled Said Facebook page, and the courage required to transform a nation.

:: Change is Good—But First, Know What Should Never Change -> by Jim Collins. This article was published in 1995 but it is still as useful as it was.


Quote + Thought from hyper loving & energetic Zuzu Urbanova

“Life is a highway, I wan to drive it all night long.” ->(A quote from the Cars movie song, which we keep watching everyday at least 2 times for the past 2 weeks as our kid is obsessed with the story:-) I guess I keep submitting “kids” stuff all the time, but I can`t help myself. Remember, guys, kids are a never-ending source of happiness, fantasy and inspiration.


Have a super cool weekend & as Zuzu said: Be childish!



P.S. for Slovak speaking SCG-ers:  You might want to read my 1st blog shipment for Slovak biz magazine Profit, where I talk about Seth, The Domino Project and more.


  1. Hey Ivana, fellow SCGers & #IS Ambassadors!

    I have to admit that this portion (excluding my inputs) was full of interesting points for me…
    The video from Sidra about “Video Driven Crowd Accelerated Innovation” is just so true in its basics – today we can do everything so much easier…
    The post of Waqas – the Jim Collins article – just like you said, some truths are not changed with time…
    And of course, Zuzana, your post just made me remember the Adora Svitak video from TED.com about “childish behavior”…

    Thanks for this linkfest to all of you 😉

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