Listen to Derek Sivers: “Why You Need to Fail”

Hello SCG,

when I was contemplating ideas about today’s shipment one of them was so frequently talked/written about-> topic of failure. I have started to jot down 1st draft, when I came across by this amazing video posted on Youtube- Why We Need To Fail by my online (so far) friend Derek Sivers. Then, I simply trashed my draft and decided to sit & listen & learn from Derek. So, I will shut up now & let you enjoy Derek’s treat for-> us

Short note from #IS to Derek:

“Thanks, Derek! You have done a super cool job with your talk & video. You must have worked hard on it! Keep on experimenting. Bowing.”

View it directly on Youtube, here.



what is your take on what you have just seen? Do you have your own stories to share? Is your mind set on growth or fixed on some paradigms? Have you read any of the books mentioned in video? What were your latest experiments?

See you in comments,

with respect,



  1. Thank you Ivana, this is great.
    I clearly need to get to work failing more.

    I love the flying cat at the end!


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