The One & Only Question You Better Know Your Answer(s) For

Hey SCG,

greetings from my remote shipping office  (not my parent’s house anymore, but now it is one public place), which means there are possibilities to interact with other people, too -> which is great for me and you as well -> how come? It is thanks to  a chance confront opinions with other folks and then getting food for thought.

Today was one of those days, when I have articulated one very important lesson for everyone who truly want to do stuff and make things happen -> so, if you are a doer, (no, you don’t need to own iPad or Ray Ban shades for that!) -> I want you to work on getting kick ass answers for this question…. [Read more…]

Listen to Derek Sivers: “Why You Need to Fail”

Hello SCG,

when I was contemplating ideas about today’s shipment one of them was so frequently talked/written about-> topic of failure. I have started to jot down 1st draft, when I came across by this amazing video posted on Youtube- Why We Need To Fail by my online (so far) friend Derek Sivers. Then, I simply trashed my draft and decided to sit & listen & learn from Derek. So, I will shut up now & let you enjoy Derek’s treat for-> us
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Fundamental Mindset For Your Personal Development Journey

Hello SCG.

it has been over 2 years since I have had life-changing Skype chat with my 1st mentor, Gary Haslam. Among first things, I was told, was:

Be Nice and Gentle to Yourself!

That time (in July 2008), I was pretty skeptical about this statement, because it seemed to me very selfish and narcissistic advice to live by. It took me over 24 months to fully grasp depth and importance of this powerful statement…

Why was “treating yourself nicely” one of the first things I was told to remember and act upon?

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