13 Quotes from a book ‘Anything You Want’ by Derek Sivers

Hello SCG,

I trust you are enjoying wonderful summer days and sunshine out there – away from you PC screens. I will not be long today, as I prefer to spend time outdoors these days too. You might have noticed that 4th book published by Seth Godins the Domino Project was launched at the end of June. Delightful tiny book or manifesto full of Derek’s (@siverswisdom is ready to inspire you too. Derek “unintentionally” grew his business CD Baby to 22 million USD worth within 10 years. Then he sold it to charity! As a teaser for you to get your own copy of Anything You Want > I am offering you 13 hand – picked quotes from it. Here you are. [Read more…]

Listen to Derek Sivers: “Why You Need to Fail”

Hello SCG,

when I was contemplating ideas about today’s shipment one of them was so frequently talked/written about-> topic of failure. I have started to jot down 1st draft, when I came across by this amazing video posted on Youtube- Why We Need To Fail by my online (so far) friend Derek Sivers. Then, I simply trashed my draft and decided to sit & listen & learn from Derek. So, I will shut up now & let you enjoy Derek’s treat for-> us
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