Impact of a powerful sneezer or how to have the busiest day on blog.

Hello SCG,

it has been over a week since I was ‘digesting’ online attention and new folks around our #IS blog. What was the reason for it?-> One of the most powerful sneezer in the blogosphere mentioned latest #IS shipment = blog post on here and here. “Who the heck is a sneezer?”, you might be asking.What caused #IS to have the busiest day in its 2 and half years long history?”, you might be curious to know, but most importantly, you might be pondering, “How can this story help you to be talked about/linked by a powerful influencer in your field? If, so then read on. [Read more…]

42 Quotes from “Stop Stealing Dreams” #manifesto by Seth Godin

stopstealingdreamsHello SCG,

last few days I have been cracking the latest shipment by SCG-er Seth Godin and here is the result of it. Wrap up of the best quotes, which stroke the chord with me.

Stop Stealing Dreams is manifesto written to inspire those who care about changing our outdated educational system.

If you belong to those who see an urgent change in the way we learn, this manifesto is a must read for you. If you are still hesitant about it, this blog post with hand-picked quotes might bring you to our side.

Enjoy. Spread the word (tweet with hash tag #stopstealingdreams). Act. It is time to bring our dreams back to life.

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26 Super Cool Quotes from: “We Are All Weird” by Seth Godin

Hey SCG,

I know that I still owe you book reviews from summer 2011, but before I will get there -> let me highlight for you yet another master piece written by our beloved Seth Godin -> few days back he has published via The Domino Project his new book called We Are All Weird. I have read it cover to cover within a day -> that is why all Domino books were purposely made in such short manifesto like format, which will enable you to read them over few cups of coffee. So, let me shut up my odes for it and let’s get to the twenty six most memorable quotes from Seth’s new gift to the world.

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13 Quotes from a book ‘Anything You Want’ by Derek Sivers

Hello SCG,

I trust you are enjoying wonderful summer days and sunshine out there – away from you PC screens. I will not be long today, as I prefer to spend time outdoors these days too. You might have noticed that 4th book published by Seth Godins the Domino Project was launched at the end of June. Delightful tiny book or manifesto full of Derek’s (@siverswisdom is ready to inspire you too. Derek “unintentionally” grew his business CD Baby to 22 million USD worth within 10 years. Then he sold it to charity! As a teaser for you to get your own copy of Anything You Want > I am offering you 13 hand – picked quotes from it. Here you are. [Read more…]

[Add Your Wish] to Crowdsourced Birthday Card for …


do you know, who’s birthday is it today? If you know man on the picture bellow  -> now is you chance to wish him happy birhday -> leave your comment at the end of this shipment. (then, I will forward your wishes to the man) And indeed, becoming old is not biologically ordained, it’s a choice… [Read more…]

Believe me -> Linchpins Are Everywhere!

Hello SCG,

I trust you will enjoy report from one and only Linchpin Meet Up in Slovakia, which took place on 18th May 2011 in my home-town Poprad. I have to confess, that I have been deeply touched by Linchpins, which I have met last Wednesday. If I have been “high” after Linchpin meet up last year -> in 2011 I had to take few days to calm down, reflect & digest -> yeap, it had such a huge impact on me.  Why so? What did blow my mind that much? Find out, bellow. [Read more…]

[Review of Books] Read by #IS in March 2011

Hello SCG,

you might have noticed, we are still missing last 2 months of book reviews -> so, let’s stop whining & let’s ship them instead.  March 2011 was without any doubt the most life-transforming month of my life & books, which I have read during it will carry a special scent with them forever. Which are they? [Read more…]

Steven Pressfield Will Tell You How to Do The Work.

Happy May Day SCG,

 let’s celebrate today by doing the work. I might sound a bit “schizophrenic”, especially when my last shipment was about NOT doing things, but ->trust me, following post is a must (re)-read & must act upon, if you are a doer, who is longing with her soul to create/ship meaningful things, which will touch people’s lives & change them for better. (If you are not such person, totally skip this post -> it is not for you.) [Read more…]

[Reviews of Books] Read by #IS During February 2011

Hey SCG,

I am still blown away by your comments & emails you have flooded me with after mycome back“. Wow! It truly feels great to know, that my work matters to you. Thank you!  But, let us get back to shipping mode now & let’s catch up on my one month of “sick leave”with a recap of books I have read during the shortest month of a year -> February. [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #10

Hey my dear SCG,

I trust you had a fabulous week and that you made something remarkable happen. You must have noticed loads of Seth Godin(ess) on Inspiring Shipments lately, haven’t you? If not (yet) you can catch up here & here. My intention was to “get you ready ” for 10th Question Of the Week, which is:

What question, just one question would you ask Seth Godin, if you had a chance to speak to him for 2 minutes?

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