[Add Your Wish] to Crowdsourced Birthday Card for …


do you know, who’s birthday is it today? If you know man on the picture bellow  -> now is you chance to wish him happy birhday -> leave your comment at the end of this shipment. (then, I will forward your wishes to the man) And indeed, becoming old is not biologically ordained, it’s a choice… [Read more…]

About Beauty of Crowdsourcing => Meet #IS Designers

Hello SCG!

6 days ago I was seeking for help with visual re-make of our dear blog #IS. Honestly, I was a bit “afraid” if any people at all will apply, but I took the leap of faith anyhow and I have exposed myself to the world. And as the saying goes -> “Leap and net will appear” was totally true in this case again. This shipment is another demonstration of our cognitive surplus, power of social media and crowdsourcing opportunities. Yay! [Read more…]

Question Of the Week #33 + Announcement

Hello SGC,

first of all thanks at SCG-er Waqas AKA @SocialMedia_Art for inspiration.

What are your recent new & interesting discoveries in a “www. Universe” ?

SCG, share with us new websites, blogs, online platforms, which you have discovered lately and they might be new or insightful for us, as well.

[Read more…]

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