Question Of the Week #33 + Announcement

Hello SGC,

first of all thanks at SCG-er Waqas AKA @SocialMedia_Art for inspiration.

What are your recent new & interesting discoveries in a “www. Universe” ?

SCG, share with us new websites, blogs, online platforms, which you have discovered lately and they might be new or insightful for us, as well.



First “shipment” of upcoming week will be very very special!


Don’t miss it and set your alarms for Tuesday – 24th August!





  1. Let me contribute, first:
    Last night I have discovered this amazing collaborative platform for artists.
    Do you recognize, this guy who is running it?
    I really like his movies (Brick, 500 Days of Summer and Inception), but seeing that he is using his influence and money for helping others, made me like him more;-)
    Go JOE!

  2. Hello Ivana & SCG,

    My favorite recent discovery is Management Innovation eXchange

    MIX is great platform for people who loves to learn and create new ideas, yes for you. This is forum to innovate Management for future. World’s top leaders are here and may be any SCG-er is the next one.

    Create your profile and get wonderful learning experience & possible networking.

    PS. Thank you Ivana for the QOW😉

  3. Hello,
    Thanks Ivana and Waqas for the wonderful links. I would like to share a link which one of my online friend has shared about Afghan women. The idea is really super cool and its providing a good platform for Afghan women writers to generate their thoughts to World. Really thought provoking writers are here. I love their simplicity of expression and I innerly salute their braveness. Here is the link

  4. Arjan Tiessen says:

    Good question.
    Recent discovery is an international sort of brother at:

    the idea is to donate 1 percent of your knowledge, time and income to erase poverty adn make the world a better place. The dutch version has a sort of peer-to-peer practice of development projects and sponsors.

    Good stuff! Looking forward to hear of international brother and sister websites!

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