About Beauty of Crowdsourcing => Meet #IS Designers

Hello SCG!

6 days ago I was seeking for help with visual re-make of our dear blog #IS. Honestly, I was a bit “afraid” if any people at all will apply, but I took the leap of faith anyhow and I have exposed myself to the world. And as the saying goes -> “Leap and net will appear” was totally true in this case again. This shipment is another demonstration of our cognitive surplus, power of social media and crowdsourcing opportunities. Yay!

Be sincere, have faith and leap! => Net will be there to save you!

On 8th June, I have decided to publicly ask for a helping hand. I announced my search for designer(s), who are willing to help out and commit to “nobody’s” request for collaboration. Was I afraid? Hell, yes! Was it worth it to risk possible failure of having no sign ups? Hell, yes!

Just few minutes after tweeting about new post -> first application was in!? => from a young lady Lucia, who I did not have a clue that she is #IS follower. Whoa! Till the end of a day there were handful no. of applicants queuing in my Google Docs Form. I was blown away! And I still am…THANK YOU all for caring! 😉

Crowdsourcing = Generosity + Passion in Action =>

Meet Our Fabulous #IS Designers

Lucia Kubinska

Who is Lucia?

I currently work as a web designer for Zaraguza Digital (and we really do great online stuff here). I’m from Banska Bystrica, but now residing in Bratislava. I enjoy my work quite a lot (but still, there
are always those “clients from hell” who pop out from time to time). A year ago I finished my Master’s degree in Marketing Communication, both my bachelors and master thesis being about music social networks like Last.fm => feel free to check out my music profile at http://www.last.fm/user/Fluxwerk

Why did she decide to help #IS?

When I saw Ivana’s call for designers, I just thought – “why not? Let’s try something new!” So here I am! Greetings to all readers and SCG-ers 🙂


Martin Maruša

(pronounce as Marusha)

What does Martin do?

I am web designer and programmer focused on development of creative design with passion for functionality development  and code troubleshooting. I have excellent understanding of website building and thorough understanding of the following technologies: (X)HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Adobe applications, etc.

Why did Martin applied to help #IS?

Because it might be a great experience for me and I find #IS to be an interesting read. And because it will mean to work with/for you;-) Plus I don’t want to be just another ignorant student that is complaining about lack of chances to improve himself.



I encourage you to follow #IS creative ninjas on Twitter -> Lucia (@fluxwerk)  & Martin (@mattonik_sk)  -> plus don’t miss #IS updates on Facebook page about upcoming kick ass action! Your engagement and involvement in launching new #IS look is wanted. Yay!


what are your experiences with crowdsourcing and tapping into people’s creative generosity? Have you ever got helped by an online stranger? Share your stories with us.

cheers from

Lucia, Martin and me -> aka (L + I + M) Team


P.S.: Thank you for your sneezing (RTs, Facebook shares etc.) and for spreading the word about #IS search! We made it! 😉


  1. Veronika Pizano says:

    Especially Twitter is great in this. People are willing to help even you have never met them and even they don’t know your real name.

  2. congrats Ivi, I bet you found the top of the coolest guys you could have;)
    And crowdsourcing – hell yeah, the best way to find like-minded people ever! (Tried it with Englishcoffee, cloudcamp, cloudcoffee, logo design & plenty other stuff and it worked like magic:) But you know how it is – you give & you get back, that`s the equilibrium;)

    • Hiya Zuzu,
      you are absolutely correct! Btw, I have realized that I have met Martin on your English Coffee!!! 😉 I did not know it is him till I have seen his Facebook pics;-) -> such a small world.


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