[Poll] Question Of the Week #23

Hello SCG,

as I have read lately that -> 70% of purchasing decisions are made after consultations with family or friends. So, I am no different in this aspect (however I am way too different in many others) -> that is why I am asking you my friends family -> question bellow. Go, vote now! 😉


if you could list couple of whys for your choice and add model/type of your vote, I would totally dig it! 😉

Thanks in advance for your techie geeky help.

Over to you now!



P.S.: I have purposely hided results from the poll -> so you will not be affected by others choices;-) -> will reveal it in few days to let you know what your peers think😉


Picture credit goes to splorp


  1. voted! you know for what 😉

  2. Already voted!!!, but I know that you know ;-))) I think, Apple is oriented exactly for customers like you. People who don’t want stereotype, people who need reliability in what they do, quickness and really smooth usability. I get iPhone and I have all in one little box. You can ask Lenka, she is little jealousy on my iPhone, but YES, that was one of the best chooses I have ever made in my life. ;-))) I can say, that my phone is really close part of my life 😉

    PS: I know my opinion on apple products, so I don’t want to affect you. You need hear lot of opinions and I know, that you will select your favorite ;-)))


  3. Veronika Pizano says:

    iPhone, because I don’t know any other 🙂 but I am totally happy with it and with the new iOS 5 its just incredible device. And ig you have any mac computer, the possibilities are even greater.

  4. I haven’t felt a need for one yet. Most of my day is spent at the computer – and there’s always text. I carry a netbook when I want to work remotely. I’m very interested in what your poll reveals. I’m just starting to get inklings that I might, like to explore the idea soon.

    • Frances,
      I have been totally same as you -> most of the time I was shipping from home, so I was connected and my laptop served me pretty well. But I have realized need for proper smart phone now, when I am traveling.
      So, that is why I am exploring the idea of purchasing it.

  5. Done!

  6. I think the best way to evaluate a choice is to start with scenarios and criteria.

    Here are some scenarios I walked through while evaluating phones:
    – Playing songs from my very large iTunes music collection
    – Taking pictures of whiteboards
    – Typing up short notes on the go
    – Using some of the key applications
    – Tethering
    – Playing videos from NetFlix
    – Making phone calls (I heard the service providers can make a huge difference depending on whether you optimize for data, or optimize for making actual phone calls.)

  7. Clicked Android. To me it’s synonym of open and unlimited in the mobile area.

  8. Android. iPhone is great as well. Nokia has become a definite ‘no’ lately. My phone is a Nokia, and I have always been a big fan, but lack of support for my current phone, a lot of strategy changes and the choice to go with only one platform (other than symbian) has killed my loyalty. My next phone will be one running Android.

  9. Sorry I’m a total ex-PC guy…

    I saw only one choice there. The iPhone is in an unmatched category.

    Is the right tool in many subtle ways. Is not the “show off” thing, is the “just works in great performance” thing.

    • 😉 LOL, Seb I can see that your breaking up with PCs was serious;-) and that your new Apple relationship has strong emotional base;-)
      Thanks for sharing it with me/us.

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