[Poll] Question Of the Week #23

Hello SCG,

as I have read lately that -> 70% of purchasing decisions are made after consultations with family or friends. So, I am no different in this aspect (however I am way too different in many others) -> that is why I am asking you my friends family -> question bellow. Go, vote now! 😉 [Read more…]

[Poll] Question Of the Week #21

Hey SCG,

today I would like to tap into our collective mind potential and I would like you to vote for your your favorite logo for #IS Inspiring Shipments. 3 designs, were created by very talented SCG-er a young lady Lucia “Rathrak” Šálková,when  she has instantly replied  to my tweet last week

and Lucia has “painted” following 3 designs as logo for our blog/website. I want you to help me with selection, too;-) [Read more…]

Let’s “Poll” ;-)

It is January, holiday season is over for good and we all are back to “reality”. I can clearly remember, how this period of the year used to be  pretty stressful from me during university years.  I know that many of you are pretty busy  with passing exams, therefore:

I would like to know via poll;-)

Have you ever cheated during exams?

No matter if you are student now, or you are out of school for some time.

Take a poll and have your say!

Looking forward to hear your voices.


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