Let’s “Poll” ;-)

It is January, holiday season is over for good and we all are back to “reality”. I can clearly remember, how this period of the year used to be  pretty stressful from me during university years.  I know that many of you are pretty busy  with passing exams, therefore:

I would like to know via poll;-)

Have you ever cheated during exams?

No matter if you are student now, or you are out of school for some time.

Take a poll and have your say!

Looking forward to hear your voices.



  1. Viktor Oravec says:

    Never, and i am proud of it.

  2. I have cheated, and I am proud of that they didn’t caught me 😉 It’s just student times and cheat sheets are part of them.
    Anyway, during making cheat sheets, I have learned half of the subject. So, it’s the same like learning but moreover you are making and improving your skills with PC, printer, scissors, eye focus (mostly on exams) etc.

    What about you, Ivana? 😉

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      I did have few exams, when i was foolish enough to bother with bringing cheat sheets as it was like a standard behavior when i have joined university and i am NOT proud of that at all.
      but then i have realized that it makes me feel bad, more over i was losing confidence in myself and one day during 3rd year (after i quit pro basketball career) major internal turnaround happened and i was dedicated all into studies and never thought of cheating as i was actually enjoying the challenges of studies.
      and i was glad i was not following the crowd and i was considered as “freak” as Robo said.

  3. Robo Lences says:

    I used to, regularly. Than it started to seem really stupid to me and I stopped. That semester I took two “dekanske terminy” (no way I can translate that ;-)). The bright side is, that after this I knew the subjects perfectly and that knowledge significantly eased the rest of my study.

    What’s really alarming to me is that this kind of cheating (and lots of others) are considered a “norm” in our part of the world and not doing it makes you a freak. I’d ask whether it’s still true at our colleges after few years have passed, but I’m afraid of the answer.

    Btw. nicely matching photo 😉

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hi Robo,
      as you can read bellow your worries were fulfilled. cheating is still very much present in Slovak schools…
      thanks for stopping by!
      yeah photo is cool my friend Rasto Bednar, helped me with search;-)

  4. Dominika says:

    If I use, I use only small papers, but we were just laughing few days ago that now are these papers “out”, because for example my friends use IPODs where they take a pics of book and they just click what they wanna see and then just use one button and looks like they use calculator 🙂 Or they use handfree, so somebody calls them and they say question and another person find and say them,….and so on 😀

    • Yes, I used small papers too. But I know students which are using MP3 player (mainly girls with long hairs), handsfree is so cool, my friends are using on exams a usually books or A4 papers, no small sheets. Also be used by me, sometimes. 😉

  5. Dominika says:

    sometimes even happenes that students know questions for exam in advance so they prapair answer sheet home and then just change

  6. Dominika says:

    Yes, they are 🙂


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