[Poll] Question Of the Week #21

Hey SCG,

today I would like to tap into our collective mind potential and I would like you to vote for your your favorite logo for #IS Inspiring Shipments. 3 designs, were created by very talented SCG-er a young lady Lucia “Rathrak” Šálková,when  she has instantly replied  to my tweet last week

and Lucia has “painted” following 3 designs as logo for our blog/website. I want you to help me with selection, too;-)

“Blue” Logo#1

“Curvy” Logo #2

“Lady” Logo #3

Have your say,here;-)

THANK YOU for helping me to choose!;-)

Have a super cool weekend, guys!



  1. Hi Ivana,

    I prefer the second – it is unusual, and inspiring!

  2. Hello Ivana,

    I also like the second one, should also consider some colors effect.

  3. Hi Ivana.
    Let me confuse you more ;-). Here “I” stands for inspiration and “S” for shipments. On other side “I” for Ivana and “S” for Sendecka.
    So “I” & “S” working on two ways,
    Inspiring Ivana Sendecka`s Shipments 🙂 + its your own thoughts what you write thats why you are sitting as an owner on “S” by labeling “I” in 3rd one :-), somewhat kidding but not all.
    If i think in this way 3rd is more better :), But for simplicity my vote goes for 2nd ;-).
    Ok let me decide.Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I will go for 3rd one.
    Have great time :-).

    • LOL;-) Thanks dear Sidra for your thoughts;-)
      Yes, I have realized that Inspiring Shipments correspond with my initials. Therefore you can see in the top right corner next to RSS feeds #IS by I.S.;-)
      Thanks for your opinion, I have missed your comments!

  4. Michae Yanakievl says:

    Hi Ivana !
    I like Logo # 1. The design is beautiful,neat and the depressive black color is missing !
    Good for you to make our brains move. Thanks.

  5. Hi Ivanka, I liked the third one until I realized that it looks like the lady has 3 legs… so I have changed my decision with number 2. They both look good though, except number 2 looks a little bit more professional. Just my two cents. Have a good day!

  6. K.Devore says:

    The third logo is interesting. What is the mystery source of the third appendage? Is it a super long right arm that extents to the ground? Is she in fact a mutant with 3 legs, perhaps the result of an experiment gone wrong. Can she still gain acceptance in this world despite being so different? Will she find someone in this life who will appreciate her for who she is?

    On second thought, better go with logo #2.

    • LOL!;-) Stop it;-)
      Thanks Kennie, you made me really laugh!;-)
      LOL, “third appendage”?;-) hehehehehehheeehehehehe
      Thanks for your deep and philosophical insights, Kennie;-)
      Yes, logo #2 is also my favorite.

  7. Salams Ivana,
    I’ll go for second option, but if you can use some different font in it and use the size that make it balanced 😉

  8. Hey Ivana,

    Although I initially picked #3, ‘cuz I like girly stuff ;-), I think #2 is really the best because of it’s simplicity. It’s a unique and clean design and there’s just something about it that “fits” you and your message. Can’t wait to find out what the winner is! 🙂

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