Why You Should Say “NO!” To Time Wasting Meetings Once For All.

Oh boy, attending meetings was “eating me” during my consulting career a lot. Gosh, how many sheets of paper have been destroyed with child-like drawings of various shapes , which were a result of my boredom and internal fight with a loud voice, screaming inside my head:

“Why the heck, are we all losing our time, here?!”

Let me share  with you my journey


“I am busy with meetings person”


“Don’t expect me to participate on a meeting, unless we will be shipping.”


I was a “SP” = “scared pretender”

I was pretending to be busy, I was pretending that I know all the answers, I was pretending to be who I was not…

Why all this drama?

Because, I was afraid

I was afraid to act , I was afraid that my ideas are not good enough, I was afraid to express different opinion to my superiors,  I was afraid, that someone will find out that I am not an expert on the subject, I was afraid that others know more than I do, I was afraid of being laughed at

I was not allowing myself to think that I have an ability to ship any worthy creative ideas.

Therefore, spending time on meetings was shortening my days and was helping me  to get closer to the day of a paycheck.

Gosh, what an exhausting dishonest survival it was!

Can you “feel with me”? Have you ever felt like this before?

Are you still a victim to those kind of situations?

Do you want to change it?

If YES, then please read further…


I am a “passionate shipper” =  “PS”

Now, I do stuff!

I create and ship totally new ideas, documents, blogs, videos –  all out of scratch. I run events, which have not been organized before. I also fail and ” screw up” along the way, but the secret is to carry on delivering  and the most important is to implement into your shipments lessons learned from failures.

Work is much more fun, than filling in templates and reporting about things, which have been done before!

Seriously guys, give an honest look at documents, which you produce at work.

Are you not only describing past events? Are you not just copying  documents, which have been done before by someone else? Are you not just changing font or adding your name or company logo to it? Are you not tired of presenting the same slide deck over and over again? I know snacks on those conferences are pretty tasty and your ego might be also pleased withe being on a “stage” with your 30th time “the same presentation” screening.


I am offering you a trade off

Question is:

Do you prefer to remain a “Scared Pretender”?


Do you want to tap that amazing creative artist within you, which will transform you to a “Passionate Shipper”?

If Passionate Shipper was your choice, carry on reading…


It is like journey through a jungle without any map. It is hard work. It requires courage and your total dedication.  It will force you to learn new stuff every single day. It will make you even dream about your shipments in your sleep. Shipping will change pace of  time for you and you will be  “pissed off” , when your clock will indicate that you should go to sleep.

Passionate shipping often means total cut off from any disturbances

You must say loud “NO” to:

Gatherings next to water coolers, tabloids newspaper reading, long chit chats during smoking breaks and most importantly to the meetings without proper agenda and without “ready to ship” attendees in it.

Could you live with that?

If YES, then you are ready to start to live honest and meaningful life.

Your work will become love made visible

it might bring tears of joy to people’s eyes,

it might have such a strong impact, that it will change lives


you too will be a part of making this world a better place.

Dear Super Cool Gang-ers

I totally believe in YOU and I see an amazing “passionate shipping” potential in YOU!

World needs your art, right now!

When you decide to undertake this journey, tell us about it! If you are already a “passionate shipper”, share your art and successes with us.

See you in comments.



P.S. from “P.S.” : If I can help you with your transformation, do let me know.


If you think there are more people you know, who might find this post useful Tweet and Facebook it out;-) If we can inspire and awake more “passionate shippers” , the better world we will live in.



  1. Hi Ivana,

    You’re speaking my language. It feels like you took words from my lips. It’s awesome! Tapping into the creative artist within and being passionate is a big reason for many changes I’ve made online and offline. I had to go within, be true to myself, decide who I most resonated with, who I could benefit and serve most effectively and on and on…

    We work in the personal development realm. Everyone can use it, but not everyone wants to explore it. So, we work to help and serve by honing our message for those who are open, willing and who resonate with us. This gives us reciprocal fulfillment.

    We learn by doing, we make mistakes along the way, we correct our course of action.
    Learning as we go…

    Much Love,

    • Hi Kim,
      “I See You” like in Avatar movie;-)

      I am so proud of you, the way you are exemplifying a true “Passionate Shipping.” Yes, lifelong learning and serving others is the way

      I believe that we will be able to spread the ideas of passionate fulfilling life to more and more people. Living in a world where people love what they do, would be illuminating experience. And it will be one day;-)

      Love back at ya, dear Kim

  2. Michae Yanakievl says:


    Creativity can be defined as both the art and the science of thinking and behaving with both subjectivity and objectivity. It involves being “whole” and knowing you have feelings ;

    of alternating back and forth between what we sense, what we can know, and what we already know. Becoming more creative involves waking up to the state of wholeness that differs from the primarily objective or sometimes subjective person common to our society.

    For example : a primarily OBJECTIVE person typical in society, is being a knower after fact, briefly sensing the surrounding natural and man- made environment and the determining the existence of logic and beauty within experience. The SUBJECTIVE person, a rarer species , being here –and –now sense response mechanism, delights in sensory experience and cares little for fixed conclusions. To Combine The Both Is To Gain More Than Both :
    A more natural and conscious balance between two extremes. Such ‘creative’ wholeness allows us to see ourselves as if from above (Panorama picture)…to Both leads our way And to follow that way…to both determine our goal and to experience the response… to control our own behavior in a holistic way. But wholeness requires alternative back and forth thinking and feeling; an alternating , bi-modal behavior instead of a primary acceptance of one part and rejection of the other.
    The sum of us can be more powerful (and fun) than one of us..sometimes.The confounding thing is exactly how we make it happen.

    1.- We need more innovation and invention first to save the world from self-destruction, and second, to contribute to the mental health and power of individuals, Imitating the past is not good enough – only creative society will survive.
    2.- We are more concerned about reproducing knowledge but do little with the creative application. We need more learning for doing.

    At this day and age, we must run like the Devil just to keep up.

    We might look at the basic problem this way. From a functional standpoint, our mental powers are roughly as follows :
    1.- Absorptive Power – the ability to observe and apply attention.
    2.-Retentive Power – The ability to memorize and to recall.
    3.-Reasoning Power – The ability to analyze.
    4.- Creative power – the ability to visualize. To Foresee.
    Through the first two functions we learn; through the latter two we think.
    Let’s add another word to #4, ‘IMAGINATION” and make it ‘Creative IMAGINATION” – “Growth – Mindset.”

  3. Wow, what a comment, this could be a single blogs post itself. Thank you Mike!

    You have named the things with right names.
    I have totally loved the part about pride. Oh yes, it is such a brick wall, which separates us from creative being. And yes we need to run like a devil if we want to keep up.
    I believe that learning while doing and creating new things is the best way how to keep a pace and in the same time lead a life which is filled with almost “mystical” moments of joy;-)

  4. Hi Ivana, this is an excellent article! Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. In addition to what you have already posted, I think another way to be creative is to learn a person’s underlying values. This would help a person focus his attention on satisfying his own needs, thus helping him grow. As a result, an individual can life a balanced life which allows him to be more creative and enjoy a life that is full of what he loves.

    • Hi Kat!
      Thank you for your premiere in comments, here!;-)

      Yes, “know thyself” is very very essential knowledge for anyone who wants to lead joyful, creative and balanced life. And this quest for self-knowing is lifelong journey.

      Thank you again for joining our SCG!;-)
      See you around;-)

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