[Video] Believe Me, You Are More Than 2 Pages Of a CV.


I am curious: How would you impress your potential employer, investor or business partner, if there would be a sign on their office door or banner on their website shouting out loud in bold letters:

“No CVs Allowed Here!”

I honestly believe that each of us posses unique talents. No human being’s life can be captured and not at all evaluated through standardized format of 2-pages long pdf. file with bullet points. Yeah I mean, CV!

Therefore, today I have decided to “ship” an unusual CV. “Live CV” with my story embedded in it. A CV, which will tell you how am I different, what made me who I am now. I think this kind of a CV can be also an excellent time saver, while it can easily replace 1st round of interview;-) What do you think? 😉

Dear SCG-er,

What makes you stand out? What is your story?

Share it with us.



  1. Salams Ivana,
    That’s exactly what I used to think that how come two pages can show everything that we possess or the abilities that we have! I always thought of a way where I don’t even have to make my CV, and I figured out that once you just “Brand Yourself!” you are no more a dependent on your two pager CV. Right after when I started acting on this theory, I never had to use my two pagers again and that’s true!

    There are two points to learn here. One decide if you want to work “For” someone or work “With” someone. And that’s the whole point. When you work for someone, you surely need a CV but when you decide to work with someone then 99% of the times you don’t even need a CV.

    People know what my capabilities are and what best I can do for them, so they don’t need my CV instead they just need my cell number or email to contact me to ask if I can work “with” them. And the day I decided my way to work with people, I never printed my CV.

    Choice is yours 🙂

  2. Amazing CV 🙂

  3. Michae Yanakievl says:

    A truly great CV round – up ! Spontaneous and true. We all need more of that to move the world around. Thanks.

    • Thank you Mike! I really believe that I have inspired more people to act in more authentic way, their way…World needs creative human force…And all I can do is to do my best and lead by example.

  4. Good stuff. In one of my leadership trainings we focused on sharing ourselves with skill. The key was relevancy. The idea was to share relevant stories in a way that makes your differences stand out. For example, I could connect my sports background to leading project teams — using game metaphors, keeping scoreboards, making things fun …etc.

    • 😉 Thank you, J.D.
      Yeah connecting the dots and naming things, which formed us fun and I believe it is also very helpful, for both the story teller and also listener.

  5. Wow Fantastic CV……………
    But How would you give THIS CV to EMPLOYER, WILL THEY GIVE TIME TO IT?
    ETC ETC??

  6. Ivana 🙂

    Great idea and concept – truly encouraging. How practical is it? If I send my presentation to executives , won’t they look at me weird? Exactly what Salman is saying? How to I present to the potential employer? It’s a big risk… they might think I’m arrogant or sick? LOL! 🙂

    • @Salman & @Khalil:
      Being different is risky! Being complaint is “safe”…
      Standing out is for those who are not afraid to take risk.
      I encourage you to read question of the week #24 comments for inspiration.
      Choice is yours, gentlemen.

  7. Thanks will do 🙂


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