About Time Travel & Our Interconnected World

Greetings from Dubai SCG.

last night (8th June) I have experienced yet another life changing moments. But before I will start, let me give me double thank you credit for making this shipment happen to my friend Amir Anzur – dean of Webpreneur University -> Firstly for posting update on his Facebook page on which I have instantly acted upon. Secondly for using a metaphor about time traveling in his talk. What time travel and interconnectedness am I talking about? Read on.

Time traveling? “Is she smoking something or what?”, you maybe asking.;-) “I am not!” and yet I firmly believe, that time travel is very much possible! Where does all the confidence come from? Let me share with you a story, which confirms the title of this shipment -> that we live in a damn interconnected world – where leaps into the future are available to everyone* (* ->who restlessly seek solutions to better the world we live in)

Everything Is Interconnected

Everything started with Facebook status update few days back on Amir Anzur’s page -> about upcoming event in Dubai -> Dubai for Acumen -> I have RSVPed on it immediately. (Interconnectedness note: I have got to know Amir one year ago through introduction to him by first reader and commenter on our #IS -> Zun – owner and founder of social media agency in Pakistan – Ultraspectra.)

After going through program of the event I was extremely excited to find out that CEO of Acumen Fund will be present, there too. (Note on interconnectedness: I have got to “know” THE Jacqueline Novogratz – CEO of  Acumen Fund thanks to THE Seth Godin -> thanks to his book Linchpin and thanks to his blog posts about super cool things Acumen folks do for our world.)

Where Did I Meet Hundreds of Time Travelers?

At the event itself I felt like I was beamed into the future, future which I was envisioning for Slovakia through NGLS project and for the whole world for last two years…Room packed with hundreds of social entrepreneurs, change makers with tremendous desire, drive and love for making our world a better place. They all have seen the future in their minds and driven by their internal calling, they were making it happen. Despite all nay-sayers, despite lack of resources, support of the community, they marched on to the future they have already experienced and envisioned. Atmosphere and energy in the room was beyond the pale…Those people were true time travelers!

How Can We Recognize a Time Traveler?

Time traveler according to my just invented definition -> is a passionate linchpin (= indispensable artist) slash bold inspiring doer slash courageous person with loving heart slash persistent believer in a better future slash initiative taker slash risking her all for the sake of showing other scared fellows that her envisioned future can become reality.

On How #IS Met One Of the Best Time Travelers Of Our Times:

Jacqueline Novogratz

After the panel discussion I walked up to the Jacqueline’s seat, where she was already surrounded by a crowd of well-wishers or advice askers. Till the last moment I did not have a clue what I wanted to tell her -> except thank you for all the work she is doing. So, I said so…and then I told her, that I loved her video made by our mutual friend -> she asked which friend? I said: Seth Godin  -> connection was made.

You cannot see it on the picture, but I was totally shaking when I talked to Jacqueline…Oh, my what an experience…When I was sitting in a taxi on my way home, I had wet eyes from gratitude…and I still have them now, while writing this post.

Let me conclude this shipment with quote by Jacqueline, which I noted down yesterday:

“We need to recognize interconnectedness of the world,

we need to be one tribe.”

Guys, thank you for having guts to travel in time with #IS, thank you for being in our tribe…

Back at ya now.


do you know any time travelers? Do you have your own experiences with traveling in time? What proofs of interconnectedness have you encountered with? Share your stories and profiles of time travelers you know with us!



P.S.: If you did not hear about Jacqueline yet, don’t you worry -> be grateful that you know about her now. You can catch up on Jacqueline’s art right here, right now:

P.P.S.: If you are hungry for more pics, you can see rest of the shots from conversation with this mind-blowing lady on my Flick stream.


  1. Two of my favourite ladies meet. It is so inspiring. 😉

  2. amazing.

    From here, I can tell you, makes total sense seeing you connecting with her.


  1. […] prezentácia a tiež som sa chcela s vami podeliť o to, ako som minulý týždeň v Dubaji konverzovala so šéfkou Acumen Fund-u Jacqueline Novogratz, no a nakoniec zvíťazila téma Twitter. Prečo dávam prednosť práve […]

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