Question Of The Week #17

Hiya SCG,

question What would you do if you would win in lottery 1 000 000 $? is FAQ during many intelligence proving forums (like Miss Universe or political debates) 😉 Therefore, I would like to reverse that question to:

What would you do, if you would find out that ALL your money & savings are gone? What would be your next steps?

Unleash your creativity, true spirit and essence of you. Try to truly imagine the situation and be empathic as much as you can. I cannot wait to read super cool comments with your “survival” strategies after hitting a monetary bottom.




Share this question with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Let’s get variety of enriching opinions. After all, starting conversations and true engagement is the main purpose of the Question Of the Week series.  Comment ON loudly! 😉



  1. Kennie Devore says:

    This question assumes you have money and savings.(: I am recently out of school and do not so I will have to use my “imagination”.(: I feel my accumulated friendships, respect from colleagues, and true accomplishments are worth far more than money so it wouldn’t be a huge deal for me. I think I will always tend to live for the present and not have enormous savings for when I am a thousand years old. Better to enjoy it while you are young is my (probably naive) opinion.(:

    • Hey Kennie,
      yeah, many times things which matters cannot be measured and friendships, respect and accomplishments belong to it. enjoy here and now, while giving your best and future will unfold itself in colorful way;-)
      P.S.: don’t make any assumptions;-)

  2. Hi Ivana,
    I love this question. Is the kind of question that triggers your imagination about how to re-invent yourself. I think that re-inventing yourself is a skill that is going to gain value in the years to come (think of re-inventing business and brands into more adequate concepts).

    I have three stories about this, well maybe two and a half 🙂
    1. Donal Trump, the guy lost everything and remade himself, but in the second time the guy got richer. He got a lot more than what he had before.
    2. David Horvath (you can check full story in subvert magazine) the guy knows what lack of money means. He had chosen to ignore the right thing to ignore.
    3. This week my laptop was screwed 😦 just after shipping in the app an exciting feature. An expensive one. But being defensive by design had protected us from loosing the real value (our work). Full story here:

    I think you need a mind that can default to the “software” that can reinvent you better than yesterday. A mind that can build your next you.

    Thats a cool thing to have.

    • Hey Seb,
      thank you for your super cool comment!
      @Donald Trump: yes he is another living example of how everything is possible
      @David Horvath: if I am not mistaken my blog post about David was among our first interactions ever;-) David, is awesome! 😉
      @your “adventure”: 0r as you have nicely said in your blog post when shit happens, LOL. I truly loved your bottom line: “Your hardware can be hit but your idea is armored. The devices can even be screwed but next day you can still be shipping.”

      I am so honored to have such inspiring shippers in SCG! 😉
      Keep on shipping, Seb. No matter what, but I guess I don’t need to tell you this, you are living it! 😉

  3. You remind me of something. Quite a psychiatric question to judge its power of decision 😉

    Okay, tell you something interesting? I was working on a management training a couple months back, while it was in the middle the same very question came in my mind that, what a person can do supposing that he don’t even have a seed money to carry out an idea! (For an idea needs some seed money to execute/start). The team then decided to have a drill. Gave us an idea to execute having zero investment in twenty four hours. And guess what! we had an implementable execution plan the next day 🙂

    Then I learned that, for every idea it needs an effort first, then a proper execution plan and money in the end 😉 So finding money in the first place means you are going wrong way.

    Answer to your question: I’ll probably be having faith in my abilities. Then will gather resources, then a proper executable plan. Having money and not having money just effects in the execution time line. Without money the plan will be a bit slow but that’s what I have been taught when I was young: “Slow but steady wins the race”.

  4. Viktor Oravec says:

    Nothing. I will go to work the vary next day. And earn them again to pay my bills etc.

  5. well well well
    What would you do, if you would find out that ALL your money & savings are gone? What would be your next steps?
    quite a nippy one Ivana 😉
    Try to have a control over nerves and start from Zero, though it is difficult but there is no other way out.

  6. Sidraqasim says:

    Salam Ivana.
    I must say again as always good question :).Once you talked about less resources more creativity.Hmmm,Now, No financial resources with up to what creativity? Ivana you are preparing us very well.:)
    I think if anyone fell into this sort of situation then its a best time to discover yourself and your true World.At that time dnt look at others for help but look at yourself and say you are the best enough for yourself.I know its very difficult if you have family and its responsibilities, you can bear hardship for yourself but not for your family.Because money is necessary for fulfillment of Basic necessities.
    Its true examination of strength of your nerves and abilities.But at that particular moment if nobody believes on you, no problem,you must believe on yourself.If anybody leaves you,dnt take tension,never ever leave yourself.Man is a true strength for himself as I observed.I still remember your words Ivana when you said to me, Sidra no one can cry you but you yourself.I will definitely utilize my all abilities to get over it.:)
    Have a great time.

    • Dear Sidra,
      I can feel the power and sincerity of your words all the way to Slovakia…
      WOW! I am truly grateful for your wise words.
      Yes, don’t cry for people who make you cry! They don’t deserve your tears.
      HUGS my strong friend and always believe in yourself!
      I do believe in YOU!

  7. In that case, I’ll call to Ivana Sendecka what to do! 😉


  8. I think there’s a big difference whether you’re life situation is above the line or below the line (from a Maslow standpoint.)

    If you’re below the line, then the basics matter the most (food, shelter, health.) When you’re above the line, it’s about affluence … and moving up the stack … so really giving your best where you have your best to give.

    I thought of a similar question the other day … “What can you do all day?” — that cuts right to your strengths.

    • You are right J.D.,
      that it truly depends on specifics of the situation.

      but to answer your question, I can instantly reply, that I would be doing the same thing what I am doing for last 9 months (on Saturday I had 9 months “anniversary” since I quit my job)
      I would be:
      reading, blogging, giving local speeches to young people in Slovakia, painting slides, running and learning every day- nonstop;-)

      What about you? btw, I am just reading your Pavlina’s lessons, you are hilarious to do all this summaries! Thank YOU

  9. Hello Super Cool Gang,

    Again an interesting question and a kind of big reality. I think it’s not the matter of the wealth all time, many times you feel the same when you face any failure in any other deal of life.

    Answer: It’ll be a big worry but at the same time a big chance to do some great thing. I often say one thing, “Many times in life you have no option but only to do something great” If this happens to me then I’ll tell to myself It can be achieved, be worried but don’t leave it all.


    • Dear Waqas,
      it is always great pleasure to read your comments!

      Yeah, things can get only better when you hit the bottom. Stick to your inner calling and universe will conspire to help you.

  10. Heh..

    That’s intriguing question, Ivana. Judging from your choice of words – “What would you do, if you would find out that ALL your money & savings are gone?” – it implies a sense of urgency, like “all of the sudden I realized my funds disappeared…”

    And that’s neither good whatever the reason. Regardless of ‘ideological bias’ – how and to which extent we value the ‘value’ of money – anyone HAS TO have a regular stream of revenue, otherwise you live alone in mountains, or on the expense of others, or you are putting yourself under (useless) pressure that limits your options – it forces you to act reactively instead of proactively.

    (Have been there before myself.. 😉

    So, I would do this:

    1. Analyse WHY the financial constrains occurred, and learn how to prevent it in the future.
    2. Strive to figure out a functional business model based on what you know, and who knows what you know. Chris Brogan has an interesting take on this –>
    3. Execute it.
    4. Up until then, switch to a ‘survival’ mode, especially if you’re “below the line when the basics matter the most (food, shelter, health)” – as J.D. Meier pointed out, – and as such, cut expenses to the minimum.
    5. Have a plan B.


    • 😉 thank you M, for sharing your view with SCG!
      yeah cutting expenses and living modesty is great way to prolong the period of preparation and execution of the ideas.
      I believe, that nothing works on 1st try, there must be many “shipments” and even failures, till you will get on the track of being brand, which adds value.
      I prefer to focus only and only on plan A, which will reveal next steps and maybe it will unfold even plan B itself.
      Having simultaneously plan A and plan B might end up in not executing any of them properly.

      • Here I have to second the thing about plans A and B… I have seen many occasions when people planned A but had B in their mind and ended up with C becoming reality. The best for me is to put full heart in one thing only and as Ivana says, it will resolve the turns to other options when its necessary 🙂

  11. Hey Ivana … intriguing questions, specially for me who has no savings and almost no incomes right now.

    But I think I would do simply:
    1. Ask family and friends for help
    2. Get a better paid job/improve my business
    3. Simply go on in living

    What this situation actually makes me think about is one of my dreams – spending few months in Tibet or Nepal just on my own, without money and civilization… Could be interesting XP…

    • Just to stress on one of the points – family and friends is something that I value and strive to create good relationship – not many, but a few great ones 🙂
      And that is why I believe they would be my first safety net… Some people say, you should take care of yourself – yes you should, but when things go wrong beyond your imagination, the best is to be loved not only in words but in action as well… and that is what I try to give the others as well 🙂

      • 😉
        yes, Marek I totally agree with you that there is nothing wrong to rely on your family and close friends. we need to always cherish those relationships, as they are very precious in the times when “nobody cares”

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