Miracles are closer than you can imagine.

Hello SCG,

Last day of April inspired my last blog post of this month.

Let me share with you captured moments of today’s walk in my neighborhood.

You too, can explore beauties, which are at your doorstep.




Tiny Poprad river

Walking path behind our house

Cherry Tree in our garden

Bee Lunch;-)



See you in May!

Till then have a blissful weekend.


  1. Oh man 😀 Nice photos! I was in garden with my grandma today and we have same tulips like you. Amazing day, I was cuting a grass and the smell of fresh grass was aaaaaaaaach 🙂 I like it, realy. I was unable to take some photos cause my battery was low.

    PS: We have same day, you and me have spent nice day in garden. 🙂


  2. This is sooo beautiful … Spring is my favourite season 🙂 … Everything is beautifully fragrant and colorful … I’ve already taken over 400 pictures 😉 Have a beautiful sunny weekend and Enjoy it somewhere outside 😉

  3. Sidraqasim says:

    Salam Ivana,
    TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Good.You cant imagine what my heart is feeling to see these awesome pics.That Horse is so so much beautiful.I literally touched that horse and said you are so cute:). By God amazing work.Now i get why you have such beautiful thoughts :).Ivana Plz do one thing more send these pics on my email address. I will be really grateful to you. Thanks for sharing here.Real Miracles.What a stream…..
    Have a great time.

    • Sidra,
      your comment again touched me within. You are amazing! Thank you.
      I will send you some more pics from Slovakia today!
      Have a miraculous weekend!

  4. Salams Ivana,

    With eye on every picture my heart is compelling me to visit this heaven on earth 🙂 It’s wonderful how you are “Blogging Your Mind”. Really loved it! Nature is always beautiful if its in pure form 🙂

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures Ivana.

    • 😉 Thank you Zun,
      yes I am truly blessed with being able to live in Poprad for now. It really inspired me to create more meaningful stuff for you guys!

  5. You are so right Ivana, the beauty is already there; we need only open our eyes…thanks for sharing your hometown with us, it looks quite lovely! Enjoy your May Day weekend 🙂

  6. Certainly, this is the thing I miss the most here in London – this intrinsic beauty of our coutryside.. After seeing these pics, just want to run into the wild.. 😉

    • Wohoooo,
      thanks Marko for your 1st comment in our super cool community!;-)
      I trust you will have an opportunity to escape beats of the city this weekend and you too will witness the beauty!;-)

  7. anewcreation says:

    Beauty truly lies in the eye of the beholder. Millions of beautiful things all around us but it is up to us to have the right attitude and to be still for long enough to appreciate that there are many reasons for rejoicing in this messed up world.

    Your neighbourhood is pretty cool!

    • Hi Mercedes,
      I am so grateful for your comment in our super cool community.
      Yes, let us all cherish the beauty around us.
      Have a blissful weekend.

  8. Hey Ivana 🙂
    Thanks for the photos 🙂 Yeah, the spring is great 🙂 I spent today in Hajska near Nitra w/ bunch of guys playing cricket and it was great – weather, air, everything 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

  9. Can you send me some raw photography from your part of the world captured with your camera. My artistic sense is really pinching me inside to make some original wallpapers 🙂

  10. Hi Ivana,

    I’m so happy to see these pictures and I see I’m not alone — you’ve elicited quite a positive response. They are beautiful indeed. Like ZunNurain said, I enjoy that you’re “Blogging Your Mind.”

    Thank you for sharing such joy!

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