I Am “Tapped”. Who Is With Me?

Ahoj* SCG! [*pronounce as “ahoy” & it means hello in Slovak language]

Couple of weeks ago, SCG-er Devgon Vishal shared with me link for the video which made me think & forced me to do  some research BUT the most importantly I did take an action and changed my habit afterward.

It has all started with this “habit changing” video! [at least for me]

After watching Story Of Bottled Water, I went into our kitchen’s pantry and I have seen a “collection” of plastic bottles which were destined to be thrown out.

[see an authentic picture which I have taken bellow]

Then, it has really hit me! I have sat for a while, reflected & asked myself:

15 years back I have been drinking only tap water, even during my basketball practices or games. Why the heck, do I need to drink bottled water, now?

How I became “Tapped”

During the same day I told my parents that I don’t want them to buy for me any bottled water anymore. I went to the local grocery shop>>> picked up fresh limes, ginger and fresh mint leaves >>> came back home and made my delicious TAP water drink.

My daily drink: tap water, limes, ginger & fresh mint

Now, it is my second week of being “tapped”. And I am really enjoying it. Even my parents are slowly switching to tap water;-)

Who is with me on this?

If your local tap water is drinkable and without any health risks for you, join me! One by one we can make difference. I am doing my bit.

I am happy that I have evolved little bit in this water awareness area, too! And to carry on with learning, I am intrigued to watch following documentary as well.

I was pretty clear on NOT drinking any sugary sweet soft drinks for many years. For those of you, who are still hooked up to drinking sweet coke-like drinks, I highly recommend you to read two super cool posts by Garr Reynolds. First is about How he gave up sugary drinks himself and second one is about Visualizing the consequences of sugary drinks. [Just in case you don’t have time to read Garr’s post, right now]

Let me give you helping hand by attaching a very encouraging visualizing video originally posted by Garr.

Dear Super Cool Gang, let us cheers for better tomorrows which we can co-create, too.

It is easier than you think.

Drink tap water at home.

Carry a refillable bottle to work

Ask for tap water in a restaurant.

Avoid sweet unhealthy soft drinks.

Let us lead by example.

Who is game?





  1. Great post Ivana. I like that you were the curator of some very good existing material out there and did not try to reinvent the wheel. As far as tap water goes, that is easy… it is a less expensive solution that I never stopped drinking 🙂

  2. You have got me !

    I’m switching too – and I get myself that jug and fill it with some fresh lemon !

    thanks for the inspiration !

    • Super cool Mars! You will not believe it, but I was hoping that especially you will get inspired by this post and it is because just recently I have noticed you have written on your blog something like : “get your coke and watch my video”
      Right on, Mr. Mars, happy drinking! Share pic of your new jug with us, then!

  3. I am tap drinker already two years and is more better than bottled, sugar and gassy water…PFUJ! I found this clear way to save more money, natural environment and my health. Its easy:

    grab a cup,
    tap water
    and drink 🙂

    PS: Nice post, Iam spreding this message on FB 😉
    PS2: BTW, amazing idea from M. Pritchard. Solution for poluted countries?!


  4. Sidraqasim says:

    Salam Ivan!
    Well i must say true spirit. I am already tapped :). You are setting a good example and we are surely following you. In first Video i like the last msg very much that work on improvement of Public water infrastructure. In Pakistan this is seriously lacking.Many areas has not proper drinking water supply but still a large no of people are using bottle water,some as a status symbol and some to secure themselves from pesticides.If all work on good supply of water we can imagine the difference.Even privately owed companies can contribute in this sector for business purpose.now this is real time to consider area of improvement for the betterment of glob.
    Have a great time to all.

    • Salam Sidra,
      thank you for your wonderful comment (as always).
      Yes, we can make change, it has to start with us and then others will follow.
      Even privately owned companies are consisting from simple people like you and me;-) I am sure you will spread the message and lead by example.
      Keep on rocking my friend,

  5. Very good point on sprucing it up with limes, ginger, and mint.

  6. Vishal Devgon says:

    That was wonderful Ivana. Surely things will change for better.
    I’m in on this.


  7. Fantastic post Ivana! I switched back to drinking tap water a couple of years ago mostly to save money, but honestly, I was always wary of the supposed better quality of bottled water. I’m going to send this video to all of my friends and family. Filtered tap water for sometimes $3 a bottle?!! Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing…and btw, I love the new look!

  8. Hello Ivka. Super post. I am in for a few years 🙂 And I highly recommend it!

  9. Patricia says:

    Hey guys,

    I would like to leave comment as well…..You can not even imagine how I miss tap water specially our Slovakian tap water…..I live in Malta for 4 years and unfortunately the tap water here is very bad and you can not drink it- well some Maltese people do drink it but its not good for your health so I can only buy good bottled water ….but when I go to Slovakia to visit my family I ALWAYS drink the tap water … When I speak to Maltese people about our tap water they just looking at me if I am crazy!!!But really I love our water and first thing I do at home is drinking super cold tap water:) …..

    Thank you

    • Hey Patricia!
      Yes, we are blessed with amazingly tasty tap water in Slovakia and yet many of us not value it at all. Your example is prove that one will start to appreciate something once it is gone. When you will come visit Slovakia tell as many people as possible what a gift is freely pouring from their taps;-)
      And, thank you for your 1st comment here! Welcome among SCG-ers!

  10. Hello Ivka!
    I am behind with my comment as usually but I like this post so much! I ´ve already been “tapped”. I started with filtering the tap water but it was disgusting so I decided to drink it as it is. The chlorin taste is not as strong as in the past, the water supply company works properly 🙂 I like it and your idea with ginger (grated I suppose) is absolutely great. I will try it, definitely !
    Thanks and have a nice day.

    • Ahoj Mirka!
      I am always happy to see your comments! And it is so exciting to hear that you are truly DO-er and you ACT!
      This is so super cool! 😉
      Yeah, grated ginger, chopped fresh mint leaves and squeezed lime juice and here we go, super tasty, environment saving and healthy drink;-)
      Have a wonderful day yourself!

  11. Ahoj 🙂

    I confess, I’m mostly tapped at home, but not always in my travels. At home, I use a filtering system as our water tends to be ‘hard.’ I’ve added variations of citrus to my water. With your suggestion, I need to to try ginger. That sounds yummy! I also enjoy adding cucumber to my tap. I don’t know why, but sprucing up my tap water feels decadent 🙂

    I like the way this post goes with your earth conscious theme 🙂
    Be well!

  12. Hallo Ivana,

    I am “tapped” as well. I was wondering if only plastic bottles are used for beverages in the US? We have the luck to have extremely good tap water here in Germany. My mother was testing it several years ago for studies. I’m hope that we won’t have to fight a war against the manufacturers of bottled water here too anytime in the future.

    I will try out your tap water drink today. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    • Hi Philipp!
      welcome to our Super Cool Gang! Thank you for your comment!;-)
      I am glad you are joining many of us who are “tapped”.
      Let me know who did you like “my recipe” for water;-)

  13. I’ve been tapped for some time now. It’s super easy 🙂 I even have a water filter which was like 10 euros and has to be changed only once every half a year. I can only recommend using one as the water tastes way better.

    BTW I envy Brazilians – their government ordered water companies add vitamins and minerals to water so that they could prevent certain illnesses in the poorer regions of Brazil (one of my friends is a Brazilian who moved to Slovakia – he complains that he started losing hair after he moved and he believes it’s caused by the lack of sun and the quality of water)

    • Coolio Franz!
      Yeap, Brasil is having tons of functioning things in their society (world does not know about), that we could learn from them a lot.
      I believe that quality of drinking water, can have huge affect not only on hair loss.
      We better start to value this life giving resource…

  14. Michal Butela says:

    Our predecessors made huge effort to build large sophisticated system that’s delivering drinking water right to our homes. Why should we drink bottle water ? (aka. stop advertisements brainwash)
    I’m “tapped” everywhere (except of Greek islands where tap water is not drinkable) !

  15. Our family never used botteled water regularly. The problem with tapped water is that there is chlorine which is not tasty and definetley it is not healthy. We have very good filter already 10 years, and the water is like from stream. But you inspired me to ask for tapped water in restaurants. It should be free as a bo ton says. (taught at school) Lets see, if they will be open minded ;).

    • Ahoj Adam -> send my regards to your family;-)
      Ask for it. I always do and I am bit disappointed with responses…even Shtoor cafe refused to give me a glass of tap water..and when I wrote a complaint on their Facebook wall, they happily ignored me…->maybe you could post link to this shipment on their wall and their management to read it.

  16. Hi Ivana,
    I got to the “plastic threat” topic here in UAE, can not imagine how many plastic bottles, bags, one-time-usage dishes they are using here. Every time I am in a shop I have to ask them nicely at least twice not to put my things into plastic bags and short explanation about the thousands years decomposition and limited space for storage of plastic garbage cause just dirty looks from people here, or even laugh (if I knew hindi, probably the Indian people in shops will understand my concerns better:) It is driving me crazy! Anyways, I have to do something with these people here. Starting form myself – last week I started to do my shopping without plastics (not only getting a bag with me, but also not buying anything covered in plastic, putting the fruits into a transparent textile bag, etc). But it has to be spread, like in some countries they put law ban on using plastic bags at least..

    • Hi Bubu,
      believe me -> I can imagine how plastic bags & bottles are wasted in U.A.E. 😉
      Carry on with leading by example, eventually people will follow.
      Good job!
      P.S.: perhaps you can forward this blog post to your grocery shop owner;-)


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