5 Songs, Which Will Make Your (Mon)day Kick

Hello SCG,

I believe you have had a super cool weekend. Just in case, you have got stuck today with Monday blues, here are 5 “mood saving” tunes for you;-)

Kick off your shoes and DANCE with me!

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I Am “Tapped”. Who Is With Me?

Ahoj* SCG! [*pronounce as “ahoy” & it means hello in Slovak language]

Couple of weeks ago, SCG-er Devgon Vishal shared with me link for the video which made me think & forced me to do  some research BUT the most importantly I did take an action and changed my habit afterward.

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[Video] Are you ready for spring?

Hi folks!

Today, I have decided to talk about a “new” topic. Which one? Just watch and see.

Who will join me at ” 100km super cool walking challenge” ?


My grandfather would…

My Grand Father. Extraordinary man. We miss you.

My Grandfather, who was walking his talk. 100km before each spring

Let’s kick it.



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