[Video] Are you ready for spring?

Hi folks!

Today, I have decided to talk about a “new” topic. Which one? Just watch and see.

Who will join me at ” 100km super cool walking challenge” ?


My grandfather would…

My Grand Father. Extraordinary man. We miss you.

My Grandfather, who was walking his talk. 100km before each spring

Let’s kick it.




  1. great post … once again 🙂 I agree with you, with every single word … Yeah, walking is great, is free, it is healthy … I cannot wait to walk :)) thanks for post 🙂

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hi Tinka,
      thank you!
      Please share with us, how is your “spring super cool walking challenge” , going on!;-)
      I have just returned from my daily dose of fresh air;-)

      • just today I thought I will start the spring trips …:-) And I would like to take some photos … unfortunately, I cannot walk every day, but my plan is certainly at least on weekends … and finally is time for starting with my morning running…;)

  2. SALAM: well done,as always…u know i also used to walk with my grandfather bt after his death its look hard to go..bt after watching you i m thinking again about it,inshallah will jion u after 15 march,as due to exams there is a change in my sleeping hrs usually sleep in morning.bt will join u after..see u ,have a good walk and pray for my success too, GOODBYE

  3. 🙂 supercool..
    i’ll do dat 100 km walk
    thanks to u

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