Did You Know That Doing Nothing Can Get You Things Done?

Hello SCG,

you might be surprised by a title of this shipment, especially when it is written in a place, where doers meet. How the heck can it be good for you to do nothing? How can you get something done, while being idle? Are you not suppose to sweat and ship and work hard, day in day out? Yes and no. Please allow me to share with you, why it is damn important to do nothing and what a hard and important work it is. [Read more…]

3-2-1- Go: 168 Hours Long Detox 2.0 On #IS Starts Now

Hiya SCG,

in next 168 hours or let’s call it -> 7 days; I am cutting myself off from intense soaking of online world. I just feel in my bones that I need to put down pen on paper & focus on shipping, which is cooking in my head & heart. Don’t worry #IS will have its shipments delivered to you, because I have scheduled 2 shipments for next week, so please come in, leave your comments & spread the word. In the meantime you can also “consume” tons of hand-picked inspiring videos on my IS2 Posterous blog, which is roaring with traffic and visitors. [Read more…]

5 Songs, Which Will Make Your (Mon)day Kick

Hello SCG,

I believe you have had a super cool weekend. Just in case, you have got stuck today with Monday blues, here are 5 “mood saving” tunes for you;-)

Kick off your shoes and DANCE with me!

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I Am “Tapped”. Who Is With Me?

Ahoj* SCG! [*pronounce as “ahoy” & it means hello in Slovak language]

Couple of weeks ago, SCG-er Devgon Vishal shared with me link for the video which made me think & forced me to do  some research BUT the most importantly I did take an action and changed my habit afterward.

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[Video] Are you ready for spring?

Hi folks!

Today, I have decided to talk about a “new” topic. Which one? Just watch and see.

Who will join me at ” 100km super cool walking challenge” ?


My grandfather would…

My Grand Father. Extraordinary man. We miss you.

My Grandfather, who was walking his talk. 100km before each spring

Let’s kick it.



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