What’s up #IS? -> “The Times They Are A Changing”

Hello SCG,

yes, it is me Ivana. Yes, I am alive;-)

 I know it has been some time since we have heard from each other via blog post on #IS and now is the time to touch base again. Events of past weeks/months were too overwhelming for me and I am still processing them with my full being. Only thing I can assure  you is that I am shipping like never before.I still cannot find my own words to articulate what is going on, so I will let master Bob Dylan to help me with it…Enjoy!

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Question Of The Week #42

Hiya SCG,

first of all let me give credits to Josh Hanagarne from The World’s Strongest Librarian blog for his post, which has given me inspiration for this week’s question!

42nd #QOW  is: What Is Your Song?

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My Top 5 Slovak Tunes


Last week I have bumped into nice music selection by Syamant on his blog  (you can check it out, here), after exchanging few tweets I was asked: would be great if you suggest some Slovakian musicians….

So, here you are, Syamant and all of you SCG-ers:

my top 5 Slovak tunes selection.


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5 Songs, Which Will Make Your (Mon)day Kick

Hello SCG,

I believe you have had a super cool weekend. Just in case, you have got stuck today with Monday blues, here are 5 “mood saving” tunes for you;-)

Kick off your shoes and DANCE with me!

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