Did You Know That Doing Nothing Can Get You Things Done?

Hello SCG,

you might be surprised by a title of this shipment, especially when it is written in a place, where doers meet. How the heck can it be good for you to do nothing? How can you get something done, while being idle? Are you not suppose to sweat and ship and work hard, day in day out? Yes and no. Please allow me to share with you, why it is damn important to do nothing and what a hard and important work it is.

Let me start my explanations and tips for unsual #IS way of getting things done, with two videos. Please watch them and give them some thoughts. Then jump into 3 strategies, thanks to which I have learned to ship loads of things, even tough for an external observer I may seem to be doing nothing. Enjoy!

The human cost of technology

Main Sherry‘s thoughts from this videos are:

When everyone is answering emails instead of talking to colleagues at work, something is going amiss. One of the things that is being lost is the ability to tolerate solitude. “I share, therefore I am.” That is to say, you go from a position where you say “I have a feeling, I want to make a call,” to a position where you say “I want to have a feeling, I need to send a text.” We’re substituting connection for conversation.

I am grateful to ‘We First’ Simon Mainwaring (@simonmainwaring) for shooting and then sharing this amazing interview with Sherry Turkle.

Gadgets overload

I guess this video does not need any additional commentary.

PSFK blog posted this video today, which totally fits in the message I am trying to push out to you.


Dedicate 1 hour per day to following activities & you will be transformed.

#1 Embrace solitude and silence

Believe me it is the most creative space you can find. No start up joints, hubs or co-working places can beat a potential, which is waiting to be found within you. You have got all the answers you are seeking for. You know what to do. Go, do it!

#2 Walk a lot

Yes, walk. No need to struggle with running or to have a fancy gym membership. Simply walk at least one hour per day. You will be surprised what great ideas and epiphanies you will experience, while walking with eyes wide open. Note: try to do it without  loud music screaming into your ears  through your MP3 player.

#3 Have meaningful conversations

I bet you all have inspiring people around you. It does not have to be a celebrity you admire, maybe your 80 something grandparent can enlighten you with her insights. Just seek sincerely for true conversation and you might get enchanted by ordinary one one one chat.

Bottom Line

SCG, trust me, when you will consciously engage in above mentioned activities you will be having  ideas ready to be shipped. So, then, when you will sit in front of your canvas -> in my case it is laptop connected to wi-fi, in your case it might be sculpture you work on, copy you write for your client or math problem you are trying to solve, your ideas will just flow naturally.

Go. Do nothing. Cherish silence and being all by yourself. Walk a lot and then jump out of bed and let all inspiration be visible to the world. Simply love life or Amo La Vida as Julio Olala says in this soul shaking video.

Found on Soul Biographies web site.


do you struggle when you sit idle? Are your nerves breaking down, when your internet connection does not work and you feel disconnected and impoverished from a chance to ship your art? What strategies of productive doing nothing do you use? 

Over to your brains now.



  1. that is a very interesting post Ivana….very insightful

  2. I’m someone who craves alone time. I walk to my office most days – 20 minutes to think and be moving.

    I want to share another video from TEDGlobal2009 which I was fortunate enough to attend. It doesn’t change your idea here, which I think is right on, but it does balance the video of Sherry Turkle.

    • Yey, on your walking routine Frances!
      Thanks for sharing Stefana’s TED talk. I believe that extremes are always bad -> being too attached to gadgets without deeper purpose can be really harmful and as it was said in TED talk -> it can really help us to connect with people we love.
      I am grateful we found each other via cyberspace, lady!

  3. My best and verified strategy of doing nothing is to get out of the town to the nature (mountains, sea, etc.) and simply do nothing except having a beer and listening to the silence. However, this is not possible every day if you live common work life.

    So, to be productive in mental work (this is what I do the most of the day) I need to destroy myself physically at least 2-3 times a week. By destroying I don’t mean you punch your head with a hammer. 🙂 That wouldn’t help. 🙂 I go running, playing inline hockey or biking until I am totally exhausted (I can see circles in front of my eyes :-)). My head is relaxed then. No meditation, autogenic training or praying can relax your head better than regular intensive physical activity. And when your head is relaxed you can be productive. Also, it has many positive secondary effects to your mental performance.

  4. Very useful post Ivana. And thank Radko for your example ;).

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