Question of the Week #8

What drives you nuts?

I am truly curious what freaks you out?;-)

Have a blissful day.




  1. People who harm others for their own personal gain.
    People who believe preposterous things but deny what’s real.
    People who take everyday miracles for granted.
    People who have stopped learning.
    All those stupid applications on Facebook.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      🙂 thanks Denny! agree. agree.agree.agree.agree. LOL @last one;-) Indeed, mafia wars and farmville are “nutty” inventions;-)

  2. When any teacher discourage question from student.
    When any human isn’t human.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Nice insights, Waqas!
      And huge welcome to our “super cool” gang!
      Thank YOU for “coming” over;-)

  3. Close mindedness – those who will not look at the possibility of another side or opinion drives me ‘nuts.’

    “The greatest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” – Wayne Dyer

    Losing info I’ve worked many hours on, ‘freaks me out.’

    What about you Ivana?

    Have a Beautiful week!

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hi Kim!
      grateful for your comment and I hope you will be able to recover your work somehow, if not it must have happened for a reason and usually it is for good, if one can see the meaning behind this message;-)

      @what freaks me out?:

      I am learning to stay calm no matter what and see the meaning behind the situations. Seeking to understand why people are ignorant,mean, cynical, greedy and narrow minded is helping me a lot not be go crazy from their shallowness, but rather it is like a kick for me telling me how much work and enlightement needs to be done, what kind of reasons are driving them to behave in that way and then trying to find fixes for their reasons. Usually it is source of simply not being informed, that things can be done other way.


      Have a super cool week ahead, too my friend.

  4. when people abuse collective interest for their individual interest and when they quarrel about any religion without knowing posing all knowing.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      😉 Salam Sidra!
      Thank you for wonderfully deep comment.
      And welcome to our “super cool” gang;-)

  5. Gabi Husarova says:

    I can’t stand when people don’t or can’t say, “thank you”

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