[Guest] Adora Svitak exclusively for “Super Cool Gang”

Adora speaking at TEDYay SCG,

I am so excited to present another special guest in our “cyber – home”.

Dear Super Cool Gang-ers let us give warm welcome to <*clap your hands*>

Adora Svitak

Yes, it is the same young lady who has given jaw-dropping speech at TED about What adults can learn from kids.

Adora is a brilliant example that age does not matter, when you decide to make difference in the world, the only thing which matters it the action you take.

I am grateful, that Adora was kind enough to find time in her busy schedule & she has answered following interview questions!


Adora Svitak with her books

Adora, when did the “AHA” moment (=I know what I really want to get out of my life) happened for you?

I wouldn’t say that I had any “Aha” moment at once–it was more of a gradual realization about what I wanted to do (write and teach). At the same time, I know that what I want to do in life could change at any time. Ultimately, the one thing that has always stayed with me is that I want to make a difference in the world.

How was the response of your environment when they have seen what are you up to? I mean writing books, speaking and teaching.

My friends, family, and those around me are all very supportive of my books, writing, and career. My goal is for inspiration to be reciprocal–they already inspire me, and I hope to be able to inspire them as well.

How does your normal week day routine look like?

In a normal week, I connect to teach several schools over video conferencing, study at my online public school, eat many meals, and have fun with my family.

What are the barriers you are facing on your quest for creating opportunities for children and young leaders?

I am very lucky in that I have not faced too many barriers in my mission to inspire others, especially young children. However, there has been the occasional school that has shut their doors. I try to look beyond the challenges and drive through roadblocks.

I am working with young leaders of Slovakia through initiative Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia and we both agree on how leaders of tomorrow are essential for the future of humanity. What would be your WHY, Why are they so important?

Having new, young leaders is critical to a healthy, functioning world. One of the things I said in my TED speech was, “You must listen to us today, because we are the leaders of tomorrow.” We need a new generation of leadership to bring our world forward, who have global perspectives and boundless insight. Without such leaders, who do we have to look up to? What will the world’s direction be? Just like any ship needs a navigator to stay on course, we need leaders to guide our world’s direction.

How would you describe your TED experience in 5 adjectives?

Five adjectives to describe my TED experience would be: exhilarating, inspiring, overwhelming, mind-opening, and delicious. (The amount of great, free food there was staggering.)

Adora, what is your dream?

I have a lot of dreams–making a difference in education, hopefully becoming Secretary of Education, writing and publishing more books, becoming a best seller, building schools in developing countries, contributing to the world philanthropically…my largest dream would be to win a Nobel Peace or Literature Prize.

What would be one sentence message you would share with Super Cool Gang-ers, which they could stick on the wall in their rooms?

Ideas that you keep to yourself are like innocents in prison–they deserve freedom and recognition from the world. Don’t be afraid to let your ideas go free.” A slightly odd analogy, perhaps, but I think it sums up why I, personally, like to write and do public speaking. 🙂

Thank you so much Adora, it was truly inspiring; both to interact with you and to know you little bit more! I trust that our paths will cross in near future and together we will make this world a better place.

You can count me and Super Cool Gang-ers IN !


Find out more about Adora, here.


Do you know about people who will find Adora’s words inspiring and worth to read. Share the link via Facebook or Twitter with them and let the idea fly freely to the world!



  1. Hey Ivana!
    WOW, its a mind opener. I can safely say that kids like Adora have great tendency to create difference and can bring in a very positive change in lives of the people around.

    It was a treat to read this exclusive interview and I am loving it really. [ I read it twice actually 😉 ] hehe. Hats off Ivana. Please convey my “Hello” to Adora as well.


  2. The future looks bright indeed. And I’d suggest that the future is definitely NOW!

  3. Bright kid with bright ideas 🙂 The “childish” approach to life pays off a lot – if you dream big and don’t compromise, you can get much more out of life 🙂 Will show this to my team… thanks Ivana for bringing this girl to my view 🙂

  4. Lenka says:

    this is my favorite: ….and delicious. (The amount of great, free food there was staggering.)

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