Question Of The Week #16

Dear Super Cool Gang,

I would love to know your insights on forgiveness. Do you forgive people?

How Easily Do You Forgive?

My answer to this question is captured in the picture bellow.

Free yourself from negative emotions, get over it, get unstuck. Forgive and move on. Learn from the experience and be grateful to that person who might caused you the pain  (knowingly or unknowingly)  for making you stronger. Try to understand not to be understood, many times by understanding others, you will realize why they did what they did.  Smile 😉

Have a great rest of the Sunday.


P.S.: Thank you 2.0 for picture, goes to llymlrs.


  1. Gabi Husarova says:

    i have learned how to forgive, but i have to admit that even though, i usually dont have a problem to forgive, i don’t forget!

  2. Balal Naeem says:

    Very easily i would say 🙂

  3. Sidraqasim says:

    Salam Ivana!

    As always good Question. Ivana I dont know should we forgive people for their negativity? but I think its become necessary most of the time to forgive people for our inner growth.
    What happened last week I shared with you all I forgive that person but he seriously hurt me whenever I thought That he is from my country from my religion and he belongs to us, its really very painful.
    But yes you are right these negative behaviors make us more strong careful and more keen to find the area of construction in society and personality as well.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Salams Ivana,

    Forgiving is not easy most of the times by greatness lies in forgiving 🙂
    One can’t forget things easily but Time is the best cure.

  5. I like the saying “what you resist, persists”, and I’ve seen it to be true. I think holding on creates bitter feelings, while letting go, frees you up for moving forward. It’s like in Peaceful Warrior … “put the bags down.”

  6. Hey Ivana thanks for this beautiful question,

    Forgiving is a great habit which I adopted in my teens, the sources of inspiration are/were God & my parents. Every time when you go to THEM with mistake(s) you expect forgiveness and without any explanation. And THEY do always.

    So I tried it too, and you know it’s a wonderful experience to forgive. You start loving yourself and find a more good human inside you.

    Happy rest of the week to all SC Gang and the lady 🙂

  7. M. Waqas Aslam says:

    we forgive him/her by just thinking that may be he/she bound to that.

  8. Hi Ivana,

    I’ve found that being able to forgive allows both the forgiver and the person being forgiven to heal wounds. However, we can’t ignore that it’s often easier said than done. A lot depends on the severity of the offense.

    I recognize that people make mistakes, so I can forgive most commonplace offenses, but I am usually mystified when a news report shows the victim of a violent crime displaying a willingness to forgive. I don’t believe that I could ever be that forgiving in a similar situation. Ray

    • Hey Ray,
      i am delighted to see your comment, welcome back!;-)
      oh yes, execution of words is the tough part and letting go sometimes ain’t easy.
      have a blissful day,

  9. Hi Ivana!
    I have developed one simple rule – I am able to forgive AND forget first time. I give people fresh start after first mistakes, because I believe in 2nd chances. But after 2nd time, I may forgive, but not forget.
    I am of course talking about “bigger” things. The smaller problems I am able to forgive easily, because I know people are like they are, they do mistakes and they learn.
    So I would say I forgive easily, if that is the question 🙂

  10. Viktor Oravec says:

    Hi Ivana,

    do you know what first pop in my mind?

    To forgive takes 4 long breaths but the scarf will remain. However love is a remedy.

    Take care darling.


    • Hey Viktor!
      So, great to see you here again!;-)
      Yes, I too do forgive, but not forget. But I also do believe that when you truly love someone, then the scar will heal way to faster!;-)

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