How to get enlightened during a weekend.

Hey Super Cool Gang,

Today I would like to scratch a surface of very personal topic, which is:  PARENTS.

These two people are responsible for my appearance in this world!   ;-)

I must honestly admit, that it was not long time ago (beginning of 2008), when I have been like majority of  people in the western world:

Gosh, I cannot stand them! There are so old fashioned. They have no clue what is life about. I’m so glad, that I can live on my own, so no one is nagging me. I hate their silly questions. Oh boy, let me not lose my temper during their visit.

Are you recognizing yourself, in it? Do you to face the same struggles?

Carry on reading, please!

My A-HA Moment

In September 2008, I have bumped into the quote, which has hit me like a thunder deep within and totally shook me up into the core:

If you think you are truly enlightened, go spend a weekend with your parents. (Ram Dass)

Can you hear it?

Yes, right now!

Your lizard brain screaming on behalf of your denial with the quote above?

Yes, it is bitterly painful realization, I know!

BUT sooner you will realize, that you have screwed up the better for you.

Trust me!

I have been there, I have done that.

West vs. East Perception of Family Bonds

These days, I am frequently asked questions by  my “western” (Europe, USA etc.)  friends with strong presence of pity and “empathy” in the tone of their voices.

“Ivana, how  are you doing? Are you still living with parents? Are you still stuck in your hometown?”

Whereas there are no such concerns from the side of my “eastern” friends from the Middle East or Far East region, where ties to family and bonds with parents are extremely solid. I guess we should really learn from them about importance of connection to family and paying respect to your elders.

[Any volunteer from the “east”, for guest blog post about your family life, traditions and bonds? Shoot me an email, please!]

What did I learn during last 5 months at home?

Living with my parents is crucially essential stage of my growth and it has taught me a big deal about myself and helped me to understand what true love, friendship, compassion, care and harmony IS, by having the privilege to witness it daily. How?

Only by watching my parents.

Guys, let me ask YOU:

When was the last time, when you have sat with parents and talked with them? Laughed with them? Cooked a meal for them? Or patiently explained them, what exactly is your job about? Hmm?

Lyrics line from the Sunscreen Song is pretty good reminder, to do so:

Get to know your parents, you’ll never know when they will be gone for  good.

My Call for Action


Hop on a train or start your car’s engine and hit the road! Direction HOME.

Do it this weekend. Surprise your parents!

Go home and get enlightened!

When you do so, please tell us about it.




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  1. Sidraqasim says:

    Hi Ivana!

    Very emotional post,I have tears in my eyes.:(
    what my parents are for me, I cant tell it about any one.I regularly do prayers for them.I regularly sit with them and also regularly cook food for them.We use to discuss about daily issues political developments and social issues as well. They are my true energy, they are the one who believe me more than anyone in this World.I dont know why people asked questions about your living with your parents but in east this question is asked in marriage perspective, which is also very irritating because people ask this question with teasing ton. Anyways Parents are great part of our life.When they smile,my smile gets double,and when they are Sad, my sadness increases more. I love them a lot…:)

    Ivana great Topic indeed.Keep loving your parents.Have a great time.:)

  2. I spend every second weekend with my parents, brother and sister.
    They are most valuable to me. So I fully agree with your statements. Must say that I am not surprised by other visions either.
    bottomline is: find people you get close to, and people that will hold a mirror to you. Most likely it will be your parents, but it could also be close friends or anybody else.
    But: be courageous enough to find that mirror 🙂

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hey Arjan,
      it is awesome you are spending weekends with your family.
      It shows on your life, that you have been facing mirror regularly during your life’s journey.
      Keep it up!

  3. Great post Ivana. I hope no one ever takes their parents for granted — believe me, you can learn so much from them, things you could never learn at school or from reading books. So much that I learned from them I have passed on to my own children 🙂

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      I believe you Loris!
      Your children are blessed to have you as Dad!
      Say hi to your girls!;-)

  4. Salams Ivana!

    Emotional topic. I want to write a whole bunch of things on it. When I was in grade 3. I did a speech on “My Mother is the Best mom in the world”. And I stood first. I didn’t prepared anything, just spoke my heart out there on the dice.

    There is always a strong bond and connection between parents and children. Mom always is a symbol of love and Father is a symbol of protection. When ever I sit with my dad he is up with so many thing. We discuss different topics. And I always feel like my empty glass is being filled with chilled water to have it in my thrust 🙂

    Love your parents, they are not only most adorable people in the world but also source of inspiration; at least mine are for me! 😉 What ever I am today is because of my parents and their prayers!

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      I am speechless…
      Thank you!
      You are truly inspiration and many people can learn from you!

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