Second Linchpins Meet Up (Only One) in Slovakia

Hello SCG,

yesterday (7 Dec) was the second global Linchpins are everywhere meet up, called up by the Seth Godin. I have (again) raised a meet up flag in Slovakia, ignoring the fact I am the only one in whole country marching on. You might remember video from 1st Linchpin meet up in Slovakia (from June 2010), where I have been very excited from the fact that 7 people showed up on a meet up and I was spreading message: “It always starts with one!” Yesterday, I have decided to spread ideas about what does it mean to be a Linchpin again and my audience consisted of the most indispensable Linchpins, I know. Who were are they?

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Three Words You Should Remember From Being Around Inspiring Shipments

Hello from London SCG,

yesterday (16th Sept 2010) I have experienced very precious moments of my life. What has happened? I have met Gary Haslam. Who is Gary Haslam? Gary was and is my (1st) teacher who has seen in me what I was not able to see, more than 2 years ago. I have “met” Gary in July 2008 via Skype and our online chats literally transformed me. Gary opened a door for me and I walked through it, into an unknown spooky world of self-discovery. Yesterday I have had a privilege to meet Gary for the first time live!<And I don’t dare to describe this experience by words> There are many lessons, which Gary taught  me and shared with me with all the care, gentleness and patience, but the most important one, which I want to share with you too, now is: [Read more…]

Update: On Eyes, Which Changed My Life

Hello SCG,

couple of days ago, I have shared with you a private story about my dear friend Mohammed, who despite all his disabilities taught me the most important lessons of my life. Blog post How One Pair of Eyes Can Change Your Life has ranked among top 3  posts on Inspiring Shipments ever. BUT, the most precious reward “arrived” in an attachment of the email, which hit my inbox during a weekend. What was in it? Who was a sender? [Read more…]

How One Pair Of Eyes Have Changed My Life

Hello SCG,

today I want to share with YOU one personal story, which I have kept for myself for 5 and half years. Memories from that time are frequently coming back to me these days and only after such a long time, I was able to understand how precious those moments were.

It was November 2004, when I have arrived to Dubai with suitcase full of books and heart full of hope. I was still a student in my last year of University, when I have got an opportunity to get 3 months internship in Dubai.  I have been provided an accommodation in very nice small apartment located in a new residential area of Dubai. I was amazed by the facilities of the neighborhood: pool, basketball court (yay!!), gym, party room, barbecue spots and many other cool things. BUT I did not know a soul there, till…

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How to get enlightened during a weekend.

Hey Super Cool Gang,

Today I would like to scratch a surface of very personal topic, which is:  PARENTS.

These two people are responsible for my appearance in this world!   ;-)

I must honestly admit, that it was not long time ago (beginning of 2008), when I have been like majority of  people in the western world:

Gosh, I cannot stand them! There are so old fashioned. They have no clue what is life about. I’m so glad, that I can live on my own, so no one is nagging me. I hate their silly questions. Oh boy, let me not lose my temper during their visit.

Are you recognizing yourself, in it? Do you to face the same struggles?

Carry on reading, please!

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Question of the Week #6 (2010)

Question of the Week #6 is:

Would you want to be married to YOU?

Awaiting your answers!

Have a super cool day, folks!

Spread the love around you no matter of date in the calendar…




P.S.: QOW (Question of the Week) was inspired by blog post The Best Question You Can Ask, on the blog Simple Marriage, to which I have been referred to via Tim Brownson and his blog post “You Suck.” Thank you, guys!

What is your Stone Letter?

:: Stone Letter ::

In the ancient times,

before humans invented writing.

They searched for the stone that,

resembled their feelings

and gave it to another person.

The person who received the stone,

read the other person’s feelings by the weight and texture of the stone.

For exampleSmooth texture symbolizes peaceful mind,rough texture symbolizes a concerns for other.

What would your stone – letter be like? Who would you give it to? What weight and texture would it have?

This post was inspired by the movie Departures, which I have just finished watching and it has got honorable place on my must-watch movies list.

Have a super cool weekend guys and ALWAYS express your feelings even without stones.



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