Question of the Week #6 (2010)

Question of the Week #6 is:

Would you want to be married to YOU?

Awaiting your answers!

Have a super cool day, folks!

Spread the love around you no matter of date in the calendar…




P.S.: QOW (Question of the Week) was inspired by blog post The Best Question You Can Ask, on the blog Simple Marriage, to which I have been referred to via Tim Brownson and his blog post “You Suck.” Thank you, guys!


  1. yes 🙂

  2. I want be married to you 😉 *JOKE. Anyway, of course! But I maybe don’t know if it will be working, because 2 same persons, hmmmm… but it would be good expirience 😉

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      It was just metaphor, and just to stop and think about yourself as, how would it be for me/others to live with me, is good self-reflection excercise.
      p.s.: *FULU

  3. Hi Ivana,

    Could I live with myself? For the most part — LOL!! Everyone has a ‘bad hair day.’ 😉

    I’m looking for someone to ‘complement’ me. Are you familiar with the movie Jerry McGuire? Well, instead of following the famous line of, “you complete me…” I’m looking for a complement — sort of a yin-yang thing. Otherwise, I will happily remain single :))

    You are fun and ‘super cool’ for posing the question.

    Til next time,

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hey Kim,
      Haven’t seen the movie, but will look it up.
      Thanks for your wise insight, I love your approach a lot!
      Have a super cool Monday;-)

  4. My answer is same like KIM.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Salam Waqas,
      first of all Welcome! to our “super cool gang”
      Thanks for your first comment.
      Stay tuned;-)

  5. Santosh Malipatil says:

    Two bodies and two souls are required for a realistic marriage,

    but yeah one can marry to themself to know there own soul…..

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Namaste Santosh!
      let me also welcome you to our “super cool gang” here;-) Thanks for comment.
      Let me, elaborate on your wise words, too:
      Yes, indeed there are 2 people required for marriage, but before getting into this responsible bond, we should firstly know ourselves.
      “Know thy sellf”, is pretty difficult task, I would say it is lifelong occupation for all those who are aware of need for self-reflection and personal growth.
      Inquiries examining own-self are very helpful to keep on track with own development and via this grow together with life partner as well.

      I trust you are having super cool day

  6. hahaha this one is too good !
    I’ve never used the mirror technique this way 🙂
    good good good

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hey Seb!
      Great welcome for you in “super cool” gang;-)
      Smiling and happy that QOW#6 made you think;=)

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