Three Words You Should Remember From Being Around Inspiring Shipments

Hello from London SCG,

yesterday (16th Sept 2010) I have experienced very precious moments of my life. What has happened? I have met Gary Haslam. Who is Gary Haslam? Gary was and is my (1st) teacher who has seen in me what I was not able to see, more than 2 years ago. I have “met” Gary in July 2008 via Skype and our online chats literally transformed me. Gary opened a door for me and I walked through it, into an unknown spooky world of self-discovery. Yesterday I have had a privilege to meet Gary for the first time live!<And I don’t dare to describe this experience by words> There are many lessons, which Gary taught  me and shared with me with all the care, gentleness and patience, but the most important one, which I want to share with you too, now is:

You Are Enough.


you are enough…

you are enough to make your dreams come true

you are enough to FEEL love and to be loved

you are enough to be able to experience what your heart wishes for

you are enough…

Simply BE, who you are!



P.S.: Inspiring Shipments might not have ever existed, if Gary would not held that “scary mirror with my reflection in it” in front of me. <And he still holds it!>

Thank You, Gary!


  1. A great lesson indeed. 🙂
    And thank you Gary for giving us this super cool lady 😀

  2. it`s a shame there is not enough people LIKE YOU around here.

    YET! 😉

  3. Wajco says:

    I Feel I Must Write:

    Thank You, Gary!


    Thank You, Ivana for Your Work and Inspiration 🙂


  1. […] if there is one thing you should remember from hanging around IS blog is this: You are enough. You are a lovely human being. One of a kind. Cherish yourself, your story and your experiences. […]

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