Second Linchpins Meet Up (Only One) in Slovakia

Hello SCG,

yesterday (7 Dec) was the second global Linchpins are everywhere meet up, called up by the Seth Godin. I have (again) raised a meet up flag in Slovakia, ignoring the fact I am the only one in whole country marching on. You might remember video from 1st Linchpin meet up in Slovakia (from June 2010), where I have been very excited from the fact that 7 people showed up on a meet up and I was spreading message: “It always starts with one!” Yesterday, I have decided to spread ideas about what does it mean to be a Linchpin again and my audience consisted of the most indispensable Linchpins, I know. Who were are they?

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How to get enlightened during a weekend.

Hey Super Cool Gang,

Today I would like to scratch a surface of very personal topic, which is:  PARENTS.

These two people are responsible for my appearance in this world!   ;-)

I must honestly admit, that it was not long time ago (beginning of 2008), when I have been like majority of  people in the western world:

Gosh, I cannot stand them! There are so old fashioned. They have no clue what is life about. I’m so glad, that I can live on my own, so no one is nagging me. I hate their silly questions. Oh boy, let me not lose my temper during their visit.

Are you recognizing yourself, in it? Do you to face the same struggles?

Carry on reading, please!

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