Second Linchpins Meet Up (Only One) in Slovakia

Hello SCG,

yesterday (7 Dec) was the second global Linchpins are everywhere meet up, called up by the Seth Godin. I have (again) raised a meet up flag in Slovakia, ignoring the fact I am the only one in whole country marching on. You might remember video from 1st Linchpin meet up in Slovakia (from June 2010), where I have been very excited from the fact that 7 people showed up on a meet up and I was spreading message: “It always starts with one!” Yesterday, I have decided to spread ideas about what does it mean to be a Linchpin again and my audience consisted of the most indispensable Linchpins, I know. Who were are they?

The most indispensable people are my parents!

I have sat with Mum and Dad in our living room and I have shared with them what does it mean to be a Linchpin and how is Seth encouraging world to create art. I explained them, why is my blog called Inspiring Shipments, too.  So, now they know that, when I am so absorbed and absolutely deaf to any of their attempts to interact with me, it is because I am shipping.

It was such powerful evening, that I did not regret at all, that no people from Slovakia have signed up for Meet up, which was posted online. (Note: Anish Mohammed attended Linchpin meet up in London) I have ended up day with a tweet, which said it all:

“I love my family…totally.”

Other Linchpins -> indispensable art(ists) for me are:

YouSuper Cool Gang-ers, NGLS folks (Next Generation Leaders of Slovakia), Emirates airlines, internet,, social media (blogs, Facebook and Twitter), Groteska cafe, city of Dubai, TED, Seth Godin, Srikumar Rao, Jim Kouzes, Websupport, Chanel perfumes, Nike running gears, Star Wars movies, Robert Heinlein, coffee, Arthur Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Carlos Castaneda, home-made food, fresh tap water, creative commons pictures, Volvo and many more…

In case you have not read Seth’s book Linchpin yet, let me re-post video with live review of this must read piece of art. Enjoy!


how are you indispensable, what is your super power? Who are your Linchpins;people, companies, books, places etc.?

Ship your comments right in!


P.S.: I am totally grateful to SCG-er J.D.Meier for including Inspiring Shipments into his Insightful Leadership Blogs list. Thank you!

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