[Video] Linchpins Meet Up In Slovakia: “It Always Starts with One! March On!”

Dear SCG!

I just have to share with you, what a MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED TODAY!

14th of June was announced by THE Seth Godin as worldwide-meet-the-tribe-of-Linchpins day. All Linchpins = indispensable creative artists had an opportunity to organize an offline meeting in their part of the world.

Watch a video with my story from “Linchpins Are Everywhere Meet Up” in Poprad,

one and only meeting in Slovakia.

I am so grateful to those seven amazing people, who made it happen!

4 of them have even had to travel to Poprad by car or train. 4 of them I have never met before. 1 of them I have “met” on Twitter and 2 of them I knew via NGLS conference.

World, please meet the Linchpins from Slovakia: Branislav Bušovský, Peter Hanula, Roman Bubeník, Luboš Otčenáš, Radoslav Dubaj, Lucia Pekalová and tall ice hockey player in dark suit standing behind me <I am waiting for his FB friend request, so his full name will be revealed>😉 15th June Update: his name is Dávid Bajtoš 😉

See the rest of pictures from “the history writing” meeting of the Linchpin era in Slovakia, here ! 😉


please tell us about your stories, when you were marching alone and you were “force of one”. Did you march on or you gave up?

Have you attended Linchpin meet up elsewhere in the world,too? How was it?

See you in comments!




  1. wow, you guys are ROCK STARS

  2. I bet it was a great meeting of the minds. It will be great to see what sort projects or impact you take it from here. If nothing else, it looks like everybody got to grow their tribe a little more.

    • Hey, J.D.
      it was very inspiring…I am still “high” on adrenaline.
      i cannot describe the power of what is happening these days, it just makes me ship and learn more and more;-)
      I am so glad, to have you around!

  3. Viktor Oravec says:

    Hi darling,

    one interesting thing pop up in my mind while watching your video.

    You said that you had been scared (F*** word :), and you got over it. That’s super cool.

    Then I realized that our whole life is the network for interconnected F*** words. We have to get over them. Most of the every F*** word is hiding a small miracle. Small precious moment in our life which changes our soul, our heart and our life. And it will never come back, because it is part of us.

    I wish you a lot of such miracles on your journey.


    • Hey Viktor!
      I am so glad, that you still remember message from my Capgemini farewell speech video about “F word*” (note for SCG: *F word=fear)
      Thank you for being present on my journey.
      I cannot wait to hear about your miracles! I have always believed in YOU.

      • Viktor Oravec says:

        Oh dear, fear is the part of me. It is everyday fight.

        Miracles? One of my biggest. I waking up with the person i truly love. I thought that it will never be possible.

        By the way i found a nice song for you:


  4. great 🙂
    super cool

  5. how cool, Ivana!!! will you tell us how the meeting went, what you came up with? just curious 🙂

    go girl!!!! :-))

  6. love this – max respect from london x

  7. Thanks for that Ivana !

    Didier (from Belgium)

  8. I had tears in my eyes when i watched the video. You are super cool, Ivana. I hope I’ll have the honor to meet you in real life someday. Love you

    Best to you and yours

  9. And one more thing. My name appeared wrong in the last comment :P.

  10. Carina Pueyo says:

    Hi Ivanna,

    It’s a great experience when you meet some “virtual” friends face to face. Last friday I met in Paris with some of my “virtual” colleagues at Capgemini and it’s quite amazing the connection you can achieve through a social media relation.

    Take care.
    I should read Seth’s book, perhaps I am a Linchpin and I don’t know:)

  11. Hello Ivana,
    Its really inspiring, I have always this fear to start with one, But thats true, change starts with one and then March on. I find great courage to take Fearless ( first letter of future as explained by you) steps for something amazing. Thanks a lot.
    Have a great time.

    • Dear Sidra,
      thank you for finding it inspiring and more over I am so happy that you are keeping in your mind the FUTURE concept!
      I have great faith in you, my friend!

  12. Wonderful Ivana –

    It’s great to see Linchpins of Slovakia together. You made it with ONE.. And it has started now.

    Wish you more such inspirations for you, and for us. Best


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