[Video] Linchpins Meet Up In Slovakia: “It Always Starts with One! March On!”

Dear SCG!

I just have to share with you, what a MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED TODAY!

14th of June was announced by THE Seth Godin as worldwide-meet-the-tribe-of-Linchpins day. All Linchpins = indispensable creative artists had an opportunity to organize an offline meeting in their part of the world.

Watch a video with my story from “Linchpins Are Everywhere Meet Up” in Poprad,

one and only meeting in Slovakia.

I am so grateful to those seven amazing people, who made it happen!

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[Video] How To Become The Future

Dear SCG,

let me share with YOU, my concept for the FUTURE;-) You are just click-away from discovering how to become the future. Enjoy!

What say you? 😉

Share your thoughts in comments.


::End, which Got Me to Begin.

Hello, folks!

What end? Which beginning? Who is “me” in the title?

Let me answer you, then:

This end: a voluntary choice to quit attractive career and exchange it for pursuing a dream.

This beginning: of the  journey, when serving my best & following the bliss.

Who is me? Just click through the pages on this freshly made site, which I have prepared for you to introduce myself a bit.

Thank you for stopping by at my 1st post, here.

Watch out, more to come shortly!



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