[Guest] The Dr. Ben Carson World’s Best Pediatric Neurosurgeon Interviewed for #IS by Dr. Jonathan Gallagher

Dr. Ben Carson interviewed by Dr. Jonathan GallagherHey SCG,

first of all thank you for your generosity and for taking #IS for virtual lunch & celebrating two and half years of shipping for #IS. Today I have a special treat for you -> interview with the world’s best pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. I have been moved by his life story after watching movie about him: Gifted Hands. His work was brought to my attention via my online friend Imanuel, who said he had a privilege to meet Dr. Carson in person!!! -> and it was Imanuel who introduced me to Dr. Jonathan Gallagher, who happened to lunch with Dr. Ben last Saturday…loving this synchronicity, don’t you? #life #gratitude #joy [Read more…]

Waqas Ali: “How #IS Turned a Total Stranger Into a Friend”

Hello SCG, greetings from Pakistan!

You must be wondering what is Ivana Waqas doing here. Let me tell you.. As we all know #IS is about life, inspiration and real life experiences, so today I am invited to share with you my story. The story how I connected with Ivana and each one of you and how it has impacted me thousands of miles far away from Slovakia. [Read more…]

[Guest][Video] Interview with Chief Happiness Officer

Hiya SCG,

I am proud to bring you first live video interview on Inspiring Shipments and I am even more honored that invitation for it, was accepted by Chief Happiness Officer – Alex Kjerulf. I had a privilege to see Alex live in action yesterday in Bratislava’s event organized by my friends from project Happy Company and he was absolutely mind blowing. I trust you will enjoy our talk!

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Emmanuel Gobillot:”I Need Ivana To Succeed and So Do You”

I.S. with Emmanuel Gobillot


yesterday I have experienced yet another miracle of my life, when I have got a privilege to personally meet Emmanuel Gobillot. Emmanuel has inspired me more than one year ago, when I have “met” him for the 1st time via his talk on Youtube at Google. Few hours after our yesterday’s meeting, I have lost words (see my tweet) from an email, which hit my inbox, in which Emmanuel asked me to post it on Inspiring Shipments, so I am doing so, now:

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[Guest] Jim Kouzes exclusively for “SCG” on just-published book The Truth About Leadership

Dear SCG,

I am so honored, that I have a privilege to “ship” this blog post for YOU! After one year of giving my all (literally) to what I believe in, the greatest payback ever took place via “sneeze” by THE Jim Kouzes.

Jim’s limitless generosity was exemplified (again!) by replying to my email, in which I have asked him: “Jim, could you answer 5 questions about your new book for readers of my blog, so we can spread the word around?”

Jim responded instantly: I would be delighted to respond to your 5 questions.

SCG,  please welcome Jim Kouzes, who will tell us more about new book co-authored with Barry Posner (“meet” Barry on picture above).

The Truth About Leadeship

Enjoy the Truth!

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[Guest] On Cheating Through Education by Tyler Shores (Part 2)


After introduction to this complex topic : Cheating Through Your Education in Part ONE. Let us carry on with Part 2 of Tyler’s gift to our Super Cool Gang.


On Cheating – Part Two

Teaching to Learn. [Read more…]

[Guest] On Cheating Through Education by @TylerShores (Part 1)

Tyler Shores

Hello SCG,

in January, I have posted a blog with poll question: Have you ever cheated on exams in school? Asking this question was for many Slovak students a normal question and great oportunity to share methods on cheating. But for many others it was non-sense question. My friend Tyler Shores, has labeled above question as non-sense, with instant reply: NO to any cheating at school! Tyler  wrote, exclusively for Inspiring Shipments, his  generous thoughts on cheating. Before we start, let me introduce you Tyler, who I have “met” via his talk @Google in September last year;-)

Tyler Shores is a writer and currently a graduate student at the University of Oxford. Tyler’s research interests include – the impact of ebooks and digital technology  on literature and printed books; literature and the experience of reading in relation to philosophy, psychology, cultural studies, and sociology. At the University of California, Berkeley he created and taught a course on The Simpsons and Philosophy. He is a contributor to the Blackwell Popular Culture and Philosophy book series – including: Heroes and PhilosophyAlice in Wonderland and PhilosophyArrested Development and Philosophy, and 30 Rock and Philosophy. He also currently contributes to The Oxonian Review, a literary publication based in the University of Oxford.

On Cheating

By Tyler Shores

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[Guest] Adora Svitak exclusively for “Super Cool Gang”

Adora speaking at TEDYay SCG,

I am so excited to present another special guest in our “cyber – home”.

Dear Super Cool Gang-ers let us give warm welcome to <*clap your hands*>

Adora Svitak

Yes, it is the same young lady who has given jaw-dropping speech at TED about What adults can learn from kids.

Adora is a brilliant example that age does not matter, when you decide to make difference in the world, the only thing which matters it the action you take.

I am grateful, that Adora was kind enough to find time in her busy schedule & she has answered following interview questions!

Enjoy! [Read more…]

[Guest] Exclusive Interview with Srikumar Rao

Srikumar Rao Wohoooo Super Cool Gang (SCG),

I am more than excited and humbled to introduce you very special 1st guest ever to our “Super Cool Household”.

Prof. Srikumar Rao

I am honored that SCG is among first online communities in the world, which will have the opportunity to find out more about just released (2nd April 2010) book by Srikumar Rao – Happiness at Work.

5 Interview Questions have been answered by Srikumar himself, exclusively for SCG community.

How Super Cool is that? 😉


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