[Guest] The Dr. Ben Carson World’s Best Pediatric Neurosurgeon Interviewed for #IS by Dr. Jonathan Gallagher

Dr. Ben Carson interviewed by Dr. Jonathan GallagherHey SCG,

first of all thank you for your generosity and for taking #IS for virtual lunch & celebrating two and half years of shipping for #IS. Today I have a special treat for you -> interview with the world’s best pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson. I have been moved by his life story after watching movie about him: Gifted Hands. His work was brought to my attention via my online friend Imanuel, who said he had a privilege to meet Dr. Carson in person!!! -> and it was Imanuel who introduced me to Dr. Jonathan Gallagher, who happened to lunch with Dr. Ben last Saturday…loving this synchronicity, don’t you? #life #gratitude #joy [Read more…]

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