[Video] How A Sincere Blog Can Make Your Dream Come True

Dear SCG!

Thank you so much for bearing with me a bit of “mute shipping time”! But I hope, that your patience will be rewarded after reading/watching this shipment.

Do you remember a blog post

How One Pair Of Eyes Have Changed My Life

(please read it in case you have missed it!)

It was about my friend Mohammed, who has taught me the most valuable lessons of my life. After posting the blog, I have sent a link of  it, to Mohammed and his sister by email and…

Guess what has happened??

Yes! I am in Iran, in Tehran, I am visiting Mohammed and his family!

They have arranged visa for me and they have bought me a ticket, so I could travel to visit them (as I could not afford to pay ticket myself) and it has all happened, because they were so touched by the blog post about Mohammed.

I am still speechless from gratitude.

I do not dare to describe by words, what emotional experience this is! Whole family was waiting for me, when I have arrived at 5 AM on 7th July! They did not even sleep whole night.(I will write more about our time together, once I will be able to put it into words, because now I am truly inhaling this experience with my whole being )

Dear SCG,

I want you to leave with this thoughts:

#1 Always believe in your dreams!

Like I did, when I have written down into my wish list on New Year Eve 2008, this:

Find a way how to meet with Mohammed, again.

#2  Have infinite patience!

I have re-united with Mohammed after 5 and half years. And wish which I have written down into my journal took one and half year to come true. Miracles have its own timing. Just have faith and be grateful for every new day!

#3 Be insanely generous and do not expect anything back.

When I was writing a blog about Mohammed, I just felt it that way. I needed to express my gratitude for his existence somehow. I did NOT expect anything back and I did not expect, not even in my wildest dream, that blog post could touch Mohammed’s family so deeply. Therefore, give away and share all you have got and universe will give it back to you, when you will need it & when you will be ready for it!

#4 Love unconditionally!

Joy of giving away your heart and being present is the greatest possession and skill we have. Mohammed is the greatest teacher and living example of appreciating every minute of our “earthy time!” Gosh, within 4 days around Mohammed, I have been praised so many times by him, that if I would sum up praises of all admirers of my life, they would not come close to Mohammed.


do not ever doubt, that


Greetings from Iran!

P.S.: I cannot access my Facebook from here, so you can reach me on my email or Twitter!


  1. Hi Ivana,

    I’m speechless on this, believe me I’m not surprised on this at all. I know miracles happens in the lives of Super Cool Persons like you.

    Muhammad is really great fellow and I’m so happy that you both have met after a long time. Say him & family my BIG hello from Pakistan.

  2. Amazing Ivana! Really inspiring shipment.

    Enjoy it there 🙂

  3. Michae Yanakievl says:

    Hi Ivana ! A most touching and unconditional post ! Anyone can learn from its universal message. A few things ring a bell as add ons :
    “If you correct your mind; the rest will fall into place.”
    — Lao Tzu
    If you want to make better choices… identify the right job, build new or better relationships, discover your passions … how about looking inside? It’s only through knowing your true self that you’ll be able to make new choices that support what you most want in life.
    – How well do you really know yourself?

    – How much are you aware of your character strengths and potentials?

    – What unique gifts, talents and skills do you bring to this world?

    – What fears are blocking your growth? Where do they come from?

    – Are you living below your real potential? Why?

    – What are your current life challenges? How are you facing them?

    – How healthy are your personal and social relationships?

    – How much of your life is controlled by your brain? Inspired by your soul?

    – What gives you meaning and purpose?
    You are the only one who knows how you can best live your life. With growing self-awareness, you’ll get more and more in touch with what’s best for you – so you can live life your way.
    Cheers and play it Super Cool !

    • Aww, Mike!
      Thank you so much for your insightful and generous comment (as always!)
      Yes, those are questions, which are keeping me pretty busy during my days. And there is LONG way to go, to know the self, but I truly believe this is the only way worth to spend our time in this life!
      Cheers back at ya from Tehran!

  4. O MY WORD! Unbelievable…. I’m speechless?

    Please tell us all about your experience there…

    Give salaams to Muhammad and family!

    From South Africa

  5. Sidra Qasim says:

    Hello Ivana,
    Thats really great to hear you are in Iran, our neighbor. Amazing post as always Ivan. No words to express the beauty of your relation. Truly thumbs up.
    Say my salam as well to Muhammad and all family.
    Have a great visit.

    • Thanks, Sid!;-)
      Salams are sent to my lovely host folks!;-)
      Yeah, we are geographically very close to each other;-)
      I hope to make it to Pakistan one day, too;-)

  6. that´s just like – WOW 😉

    there are still whiles in life that can take you breath and I think that for this whiles is wort to life, for miracles that can happend even if you think there is no way for it 🙂
    But if it´s mean for you it will find a way in right time 🙂

    Have a great time 😉

  7. Good for you, Ivana.
    Good things happen to good people.

  8. farzaneh ghorbani says:

    Sweet Ivana,

    You are an amazing soul! that’s why ya could establish a sincere and an unconditional relationship with Mohammed. No words can express the joy glowing on Mohammed’s face since your presence in our home….hence, herewith i have to extend family gratitude for your soul grandeur:)

  9. Great 🙂

  10. Charles Phillip Valerio says:

    All I could say, simply, is that I’m so happy for you Ivana. If you have a camera, make sure to take some great pictures of your stay there in Iran.

    • Thank you Charlie,
      yes, yes, yes I am taking pictures and videos;-)
      All will be documented, well most of it…Time and conversation with Mohammed and his family are priceless.

  11. Hello Ivana,

    I did see that inspiring shipment about your friend Mohemmed back when you posted. And today when I saw you sitting in his house and making you dream come true through your blog. What more can I saw but this: “We can get what we strike for, it depends on us that how we take things. Plus this makes it more clear that Social Media is not a FAD 😉 “. I hope your visit to Tehran was a great experience. Great stay in Dubai now.

    I’ll see you soon InshAllah.


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