Emmanuel Gobillot:”I Need Ivana To Succeed and So Do You”

I.S. with Emmanuel Gobillot


yesterday I have experienced yet another miracle of my life, when I have got a privilege to personally meet Emmanuel Gobillot. Emmanuel has inspired me more than one year ago, when I have “met” him for the 1st time via his talk on Youtube at Google. Few hours after our yesterday’s meeting, I have lost words (see my tweet) from an email, which hit my inbox, in which Emmanuel asked me to post it on Inspiring Shipments, so I am doing so, now:


I have never ” guest posted” on a blog before, so I wont start. This is NOT a guest post this is A HIJACK of Inspiring Shipments.  Let me explain why.


Emmanuel Gobillot

Some months ago, Ivana contacted me because she had seen a clip of me speaking and was interested in exchanging ideas.  This contact was amazing.  It made me feel that maybe, just maybe, some of what I wrote about and had to say mattered. Maybe, just maybe I was making a difference.

Ivana went on making a big difference to many people through Inspiring Shipments, NGLS and growing the Super Cool Gang. In many ways Ivana became a live example of what I was writing about. And indeed it wasn’t long before others caught on and shared her enthusiasm with the world. Thanks to Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner and their great book the Truth About Leadership, Ivana is now “out there” for all to admire.

BUT here is the reason for my hijack.

Whilst Ivana decided to make her life she has had to postpone making a living and that can’t last forever. However, I need her to continue doing what she does otherwise I might have to reconsider everything I believe in (good things happen to good people, success is possible through networks, connectors get rewarded) and I am not prepared to do this!

So if you, like me, are able to make a living from your art (in particular Super Cool Gang members who publish and speak) I need your help.

I have asked Ivana to put together an outline of her story ( ie what would she say to executives if she got an audience) and I will work with her to polish it so that she gets the chance to speak on the conference circuit. She would get an income, the world would get some great thoughts, insights and ideas and I would get to continue watching a great story unfold.

So, Seth Godin, Jim Kouzes, Srikumar Rao, Steve Farber, Trey Pennington, Christine Ranck, Hugh MacLeod and anyone else with contacts, please, can you help me help her?

I will pass on the one pager along with a couple of clips of Ivana to my agents and contacts in the industry and I would really value you doing the same ( or really whatever else you can think of that would help her). If you can help can you contact Ivana directly and she can send you outline or whatever else you need.

Sorry for being responsible for the least inspiring post you will ever read on Inspiring Shipments but I just needed to somehow find a way to PAY back.





  1. Emmanuel, Ivka, I AM SPEECHLESS!!!

  2. In a socially networked world, where you are the sum of all whom you know and how much they value you, you definitely are a high worth individual. As for succeeding, it is a question of definition 🙂

    • Hiya Anish,
      if that is the case, I might consider myself very wealthy person.
      Indeed, definition of success can differ, I do consider myself already a success, I am, I do the best I can, I do what I love and I am surrounded by lovely people.
      Whatever will come next, might take my work further, but it will be still me, shipping with love and passion.

  3. I am speechless AND …Ivana, this is what I call inspiration 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Dont say sorry it is best inspiring shipment. This is what Ivana believes in and she diverted these dreams towards me too. I cant explain how much deserving she is and reality is that she doesnt need my words in this regard too.
    I hope one day I will be able to do something great for this wonderful lady as she has done or doing for me.
    Thanks a lot Emmanuel for your amazing words here.

  5. Arjan Tiessen says:

    Awesome stuff! Never thought this moment would not come.
    But still amazing to see it happening.
    I know you don’t do it for the pay, but it is the podium you get. Millions of people to reach! Very proud of you and very proud to know such an inspiring and energizing person. Thanks Emmanuel for providing a podium and unveiling this treasure to a larger audience!

  6. Wowiiie,

    Ivka this is awesome. All my fingers are crossed for you and I am soo looking forward to the result of this. It’s really amzing to see u succeed. It’s a great motivation for all of us since it proves that making things with passion and believing in purpose of what u do pays off 🙂

    Emmanuel, well done hijack!

  7. Tomas Kuracina says:

    Well what to say about this? I am happy for Ivana that this is happening 🙂 And I am sure that I can say that we didn’t even started yet! Thanks Emmanuel for offering Ivana your help in such a great way.

  8. Hello Emmanuel,

    Thank you so much for being part of this Miracle, we (SCG) believe in all what she ship & the great purpose behind. I’m sure near future is brighter 😉

    I’m so happy to being witness of so many positive Changes by #IS.

  9. Thank you all so much for your kind words of support and encouragement for me and ivana. The passion you all display and kindness you show bears witness to the great work we can achieve when a leader inspires us. I do hope we can make the story if #is which is also your story resonate for others to be inspired by. I wot hijack again but will make sure I keep you updated through comments. Keep up the good work. It matters. E

  10. Thank YOU, ALL!
    I trust we will pull it up together!
    All of us!

  11. good! I resonate with this too.

    You are a connector Ivana and two things are clear to me here:

    1. you love doing this
    2. you grow, we all win

    I can’t wait to see you doing well


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