[Video] Four Lessons Learned from running, Forest Gump didn’t tell you about

Hello SCG,

I believe I am not alone, who is ranking movie Forest Gump among the best movies ever. There are many memorable quotes from the movie, but I trust all of you are able to identify the movie after hearing a quote:

“Run, Forest run!”

Today, I would like to share with you 4 Lessons, which I have learned during my running quest in 2010.

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  1. Thanks Ivana, four great points. I would add two more from my running and training experience from a marathon that I ran in 2009 that I also think can be translated to business.

    The first one is how I trained and ran. I used the run/walk method, where you run for 8-10 minutes and then walk for 1 minute. This allowed me to break up 26.2 miles into many 10 minute runs. In other words the larger goal seemed to be difficult to accomplish but the smaller goal of 10 minutes until my next walk was very reachable. In my art business, I can feel very overwhelmed with big dreams and goals until I break down the larger task into smaller manageable pieces.

    The second one happened after the race. I did not have a “next” race (goal) in mind so it was easy to take a very long break after a big accomplishment. After the break it was difficult to get started again and I lost the benefit of a year of great training. So now in business I plan for the “next” even before I have achieved my goal and I assume success so that I am ready to move on the the next “race” 🙂

    • Hey Scott,

      thank you so much for your super cool note.
      I am loving your additional lessons learned from your own running saga;-)

      @1st Scott’s lesson: one step at a time, is the best way how to progress. sometimes people get scared away by goal which seems to be so far away. focusing attention on day to day activities will get you there. guaranteed;-)
      @2nd Scott’s lesson: great point! I am thinking that this was the thing which was spooky for me, when NGLS gig was over. What will I do next? I was asking myself. So, I simply carried on working and shipping. So, the story goes on;-) and SCG was born along the way;-)

      Scott, I am grateful in the name of the rest of SCG-ers for your wonderful insights!

      I trust your art weekend was mind-blowing experience.

  2. Very true, informative, refreshing, encouraging, sweet and practical… thanx for such a cute sharing Ivana. Hope to see u around. Take care

    • Hello Fawaz!
      😉 1st of all, welcome to our Super Cool Gang and thank your for comment!;-)
      Indeed, see you around. Let us inspire those around together;-)

  3. Hey Ivana,

    It took me so long to write a comment to this video. Reason being that I was not finding the right words for telling you how much inspiration I have got from this video. A wonderful shipment. Truly amazing lessons.

    I wanted to add in a few things here. Taking an example of a new business. One will find himself struggling to sustain it in the beginning but gradually it get sustained. The thing is, one just have to put in all the sincere effort. 99% of the time it passes all the incubation time and get established 🙂

    And here comes all these four lessons too 🙂


    • Thank you Zun.
      I am happy it was inspiring.
      Please send the message forward and spread inspiring vibes on those around you. After all, we all are here for the same cause, to make this place a better place, while creating our art;-)

  4. Hi Ivana,

    I’ve enjoyed talking with clients about ‘setting your own speed.’ When you get quiet and look within, you can tap into your unique gifts bestowed upon you. Looking around at what everyone else is doing can lead to toxic competitiveness. There is room for everyone to share their unique talents.

    Thank you for the great analogy!


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