22 Quotes from Seth Godin’s New Book: Poke the Box

Hey SCG,

this week is a sneezing week at web 2.0 world about Seth Godin ( see for example here , here or here) & his just published book Poke the Box (PTB) -> I have got a privilege to receive Kindle version of PTB prior to its official publishing date (1 March) thanks to my involvement in Street Team of The Domino Project -> project founded by Seth, where he is making a point, that re-inventing book publishing business is inevitable. Let me share with you a glimpse of the  PTB quotes, which resonated with me the most and might do as well with you. Go! Go! Go! [Read more…]

[Updated] 27 Video Collection of Seth Godin’s Talks

Hey SCG,

let me serve you a special video shipment, dedicated to a man who has inspired me, continuously inspires me & I bet that, he will carry on inspiring me on my journey. Yeah, you know him, too. I am talking about the Seth Godin. If you were too busy to read any of his books [he wrote 13 of them!]  or following daily doses of Seth’s blog & you are not very familiar with his art (yet!) -> Now is your chance to catch up with Seth (or consider this as refresh on his philosophy you already know about).  I suspect, that after watching following 10 videos of Seth, you might will be in the picture and on the same page with those us who ship, have guts to challenge a status quo and draw maps instead of following them.  Enjoy! [Read more…]

Why Turning Off Your Desires Can Be Good For You?

Hey SCG,

2011 has started with really precious events for me and I hope,that lessons learned from it; will have an impact on you too. You might remember recent shipment about goals and its execution, in which I was encouraging you to do/ship/create/deliver rather than waste time on planning your actions. Recently I have been blessed with another epiphany moment of my life, after which I have started to free myself of desires (and by now, I can tell this is gonna be a lifelong path of  aware observing of myself  & of own thoughts every single day). Sounds horrifying? Possibly, yes. Do you want to know what has desireless mindset done for me? Carry on, reading then. [Read more…]

Second Linchpins Meet Up (Only One) in Slovakia

Hello SCG,

yesterday (7 Dec) was the second global Linchpins are everywhere meet up, called up by the Seth Godin. I have (again) raised a meet up flag in Slovakia, ignoring the fact I am the only one in whole country marching on. You might remember video from 1st Linchpin meet up in Slovakia (from June 2010), where I have been very excited from the fact that 7 people showed up on a meet up and I was spreading message: “It always starts with one!” Yesterday, I have decided to spread ideas about what does it mean to be a Linchpin again and my audience consisted of the most indispensable Linchpins, I know. Who were are they?

[Read more…]

Well Invested Time In October 2010

Hiya SCG,

I suspect that this year went by somehow fast, don’t you think? 10th wrap up of books, which I have read last month is due. I have taken off with; asking myself “why” with Simon Sinek & then I had a privilege to spent overwhelming time by science fiction piece(s) by Robert Heinlein about Man from Mars and 2 books by Seth Godin, who preaches according to some “wise” people in our planet: science-fiction things,too. 😉 So, let’s hop on a space-ship into “October’s reading universe” of I.S. [Read more…]

Do You Know Who Your “Sneezers” Are?

Hey SCG,

I am SO humbled , that I can “ship” today’s post. I have been waiting for this shipping moment for more than 6 months. Only now I feel eligible to introduce you a concept of sneezers.

Do you know who is a “sneezer”?

This term was brought into my  and world’s attention in March 2010 in a video-book= vook by THE Seth Godin – Unleashing the SuperIdeavirus.

Why did I have to wait for more than half a year to talk about sneezers? Well, because Inspiring Shipments (#IS) is a blog for doers and for those who can tell stories of walking the talk. I don’t talk theory, I talk about experienced experiences. Therefore,  let me share with you my story about sneezers, so you can get inspired and you too can reflect on: Why are “sneezers” important for you, for your business and for sustainable future of your art? [Read more…]

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