[Reviews of Books] Read by #IS During February 2011

Hey SCG,

I am still blown away by your comments & emails you have flooded me with after mycome back“. Wow! It truly feels great to know, that my work matters to you. Thank you!  But, let us get back to shipping mode now & let’s catch up on my one month of “sick leave”with a recap of books I have read during the shortest month of a year -> February. [Read more…]

22 Quotes from Seth Godin’s New Book: Poke the Box

Hey SCG,

this week is a sneezing week at web 2.0 world about Seth Godin ( see for example here , here or here) & his just published book Poke the Box (PTB) -> I have got a privilege to receive Kindle version of PTB prior to its official publishing date (1 March) thanks to my involvement in Street Team of The Domino Project -> project founded by Seth, where he is making a point, that re-inventing book publishing business is inevitable. Let me share with you a glimpse of the  PTB quotes, which resonated with me the most and might do as well with you. Go! Go! Go! [Read more…]

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