[Video] To SEO or not to SEO? ;-)

To Be or Not to Be?

Hi Super Cool Gang,

first shipping of the Spring 2010 is here.  Thoughts on SEO and how I perceive SEO2.0 (= SEO of the future) is just click away. Enjoy.

Please,  pin in your thoughts to comments, too! 😉


  1. Very informative and enlightening as usual. Thank you Ivana for helping to keep me current with all the latest trends and your perspective on how best to leverage them!

  2. Hi Ivana,

    I ve seen SEO as a model of democracy – Link as a vote.
    But not yet, as a model of such connections you are talking about 😉

    Great approach 😉
    Take care.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hey Brano,
      thanks for watching;-) I am delighted that you have found some novelty in this approach;-)
      See you soon.

  3. Good one Ivana, thank you for today’s lesson! 😉

  4. Thanks again Ivana for the “real” optimization message. Relationships take time but in the end they carry greater value than clicks for many reasons. Great reminder.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      😉 Scott,
      i am just smiling and being grateful, that it have made some sense.
      I love your prompt involvement in comments!
      Thank you and have a super cool day.

  5. Hello! I like you, because I have never seen more active and aspiring person in my life. 🙂 PS: I found this blog via your post at SME discusions. 🙂

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hey Lukas,
      welcome to our SCG (=Super Cool Gang)!
      Thank you for your kind words.
      If you are on Facebook, please friend me up.
      see you

  6. Very nice articulation and distinction.

    I would argue that SEO plays a valuable role if you approach it from the standpoint of:
    – what are people looking for?
    – are the people that need what I have, finding it?

    It’s all about relevancy … whether you focus on the human or SEO side, it’s about being relevant.

    Just by paying attention to those two things, you start to improve being relevant … and one great test of content is … relevant, timely, and accurate.

    The sour taste of SEO is where people game it and they try to make things seem relevant that really aren’t or they trick folks into relevancy.

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      hi J.D.,
      Thank you for your enriching insight as always!

      I agree with you that SEO can be really valuable tool, but it must be really used honestly and transparently
      What you promise that will be found on the site, that it will truly be there.
      No tricky tags, and eye-catching titles of the blogs. It can get you one time visitors, but they will remember that it was spam and they will make sure not to come back again.
      Have a super cool rest of the day

  7. Hi Ivana, rather than categorizing the aims of those who are proponents of SEO and those who are not as desiring fake vs. real visitors, I would propose that both approaches — seeking interaction and paying some attention to what is driving visitors to your site — can be used in tandem. I enjoy having people comment on my blog, but I am also interested in the statistics provided by Google Analytics. What we learn from them can be surprising.

    For example, I pay very little attention to my facebook account, yet the number of visitors from facebook exceeds the visits from twitter users by a good margin. Before seeing these numbers I would have assumed that the results would be the other way around since twitter users are more apt to be connected more often throughout the day than facebook users. From this information I learned that I should re-engage with facebook so as to cultivate that following.

    I agree that comments are the most direct indication that people are interested in what one has to say, but I also believe that comments are by no means the only barometer. Ray

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Hi Ray,
      Thanks for your contribution.
      Indeed, that analytics are very useful to indicate behavior of your readers and for knowing sources of reference to your blog, no doubt about that. And I do monitor and learn from it,too.

  8. Hey Ivana,
    I’d personally shoot SEO back to hell, I’m all about real connections as well. I make my posts so unique and useful, that people will automatically come back to my site. If people like you, then Google likes you 🙂

    PS: Do you use Vimeo for video ? I’m going to video blog soon, and I don’t just want to rely on youtube. (does is cost something ?)

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Lovely Mars!
      “If people like you, then Google likes you!”
      I am on posting videos on Viddler and it is free

  9. Salams Ivana,

    Today I saw this post and it sure make sense. Well you rightly said that there should be connectivity between the readers and the blog owner in order to add value. Blog should act like a medium not only to connect to each other but also as peer generator which you called real links connecting person to person.

    What I want to explain is that SEO is not to get hulk of a traffic to your site, (well lots of people use SEO for this sole purpose though) but it should be a mean to penetrate deeper in the real connections of you niche. I would like to explain with an example:

    Suppose I am a Psychiatrist who writes about Psychic issues on my blog. I have a knowledge of my niche area and I am adding value to my blog and its readers everyday. Now people will start following me, gradually the volume will increase w.r.t the real links, real people. I don’t need any SEO for this.

    Now consider this use case:

    I am a software company owner and offer some IT services, and I have a corporate blog as well attached with my website. Now I need people to come to my website. Still i want “Real Connections” but I have to target a bigger community in order to let them know of my services. In this case, blog will keep on making peers and send the prospective clients to the website where I want people to come 🙂

    So I guess it really depends on the nature of the blog and Aims which decides that if we need SEO or not. But in both cases we really need to connect to “Real People”.


    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Salams Zun,
      thanks for your rich comment.
      As I have said before, I am not saying that SEO is a bad tool, but as every invention, it can be used for good or bad purpose.
      I am trying to increase awareness about honest and real usage of SEO, not money driven, pay-per-click style;-)
      You are doing great job with UltraSpectra.
      Keep it up

  10. Ivana, I read your blog for a while, but here you are wrong and I guess it’s because you don’t understand SEO.

    You are confronting things which are not opposites. The really successfull websites/companies/blogers do both – great SEO and great conversions (comments, purchases, whatever it is). How “super cool” would be if someone searching for “leadership tips”, “leadership skills”, “leadership training”, etc. comes to your website and then you can turn the visitor into a friend/customer/ or whatever your goal is?

    Instead you rezigned to these possible friendships (not completely because your blog CMS somewhat helps you). Your homepage’s title says: “Ivana Sendecka – Lifelong Learner from Slovakia”. What does it say to me when I search and I don’t know your blog yet? Nothing… I would never click, because I don’t know what your blog is about. A title like: “Ivana Sendecka – Thoughts on Leadership” or “Ivana Sendecka – Leadership Skills by Lifelong Learning” would be much better. You are not spamming, you just show what your blog is about, you are not aiming something that is not yours, you are aiming something that you deserve!

    Also, the example about linking with Dereck is exactly a white-hat SEO technique for linkbuilding. So, you do it, but you don’t know that you do it. 🙂 I would recommend you to learn more about SEO and you’ll find out…

    And when you start having thousands of visitors, you’ll understand how hard is to keep having this level of conversation which you have here on your blog.

    Fingers crossed 🙂 Great blog!

    PS: You’re maybe a better SEO than most of the Slovaks who take money for that!!! :)))

    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Thanks for comment Tybi! Welcome to our SCG!;-)

      I will repeat myself, from my previous comments. I am just trying to point out that also SEO as a tool should be used mind-fully and honestly, only then it will have long lasting result.
      I am not against it, but more over as you have said I have shown on real example – Derek, what is true value bringing SEO and therefore I have even named video SEO2.0, as people who are selling SEO services are still having short term results oriented mindset, which is sad.

      And I will do my best to keep up conversation level alive even when thousands visitors will contribute, maybe not in form of replying to each comment, but i am sure i will figure out way how to keep connected to people who i care about;-)

      Thanks for stopping by and feel free to reach me out on FB.

      P.S.: i am curious what have brought you to my blog?;-)

      • Oh, I’m sorry, I did not read the previous comments, my fault… It’s actually no SEO2.0, it’s just the right SEO which was done for years. Regarding Slovak SEOs… this article is somewhat old and a bit harsh, but still true (in Slovak): http://blog.seochat.sk/2007-09-16/hodnotenie-seo-na-slovensku/

        FB maybe not, but I’ll definitely follow you on Twitter. I came accross your blog when I was doing SEO for one of my projects (secret ;)) – see, even the work on SEO can bring you to some interesting sources. 🙂

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