Question Of the Week #51 + Announcement

Hiya SCG,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time & you are ready to get back on “shipping” track. This week’s question was suggested by Marek Lutz (thank you Marek!):

“Do you create any personal reviews at the end of the year? Can we somehow meaningfully use this event “end of the year ” as inspiration for future or it is just another date in calendar?

Have your say in comments for the last time in 2010!


P.S.: I am working on 2010 #IS wrap for you. Stay tuned!


  1. jozo capuska says:

    Hi Ivana, on this special day for you I wish you a lot of fun 🙂
    But back to your question, every end-of-year I create a review of my successes and fails. It’s something like my knowledge base updating. The good things strenghten or enforce me and from the bad things I always learn how not to repeat them anymore.
    And the end of the year is tho most suitable day 🙂
    So I wish you lots of sucesses in the next year!

    • Hey Jozko!;-)
      Thanks for your name day wish and for sharing your annual review habits!
      Oh, yes listing down lessons learned is awesome way how to evolve and progress.
      Thanks for being around in 2010 and I trust we will continue to be in touch in 2011. Btw, I would not mind to catch up with you for a coffee when I will be in Bratislava;-)
      C U Then!

  2. Hello dear,
    I am sorry that I wasn’t much interacted with you and all, since many weeks.
    Its all because of shifting at new place.
    Well 2010 and 2011 isn’t a date on calendar but it is very much important years of my life.
    In 2010 I met you and SCG. I took many bold steps in this year. I learnt a lot from you and many other friends. In fact it is the best year of my life.
    And 2011 will be great year as well that’s what I have believe.
    Doors are opened now.
    I will review all 2010 to make my 2011 more productive for me and all.
    Thanks for being with me and inspire me in 2010.
    I am looking forward more from you, greedily :-).

    • Hiya my dear Sidra!
      No need to apologize! You are the hard core example of true SCG-er and I am so grateful to have you around.
      I can confess that 2010 was the best year ever for me as well and you, SCG and #IS were the main engine driving me towards all the miracles which has happened.
      I too, have faith that 2011 will be inspiring, challenging and generous for all of us.
      Love you!

  3. Hi Ivana & everyone,
    This is first time I’m writing a review for 2010. This year really has been very fantastic. I got everything to move ahead, a more confident, SC and skilled Waqas. I’m especially grateful to #IS and SCG-members, who have been part of this journey. I look for another WOW year of me and everyone of yours.

    And I’m not yet done with 2010, I got 3 more days to work on something really meaningful for my people. So stay tuned for good news from SMart.

    Next year is to take more bold practical step. We will! Have a super cool time friends.! 😀

    • Waqas,
      you are such a true example of shipper. Watching you learn and then implementing all new things in real life is amazing.
      You are taking really bold steps and I have full faith that you will succeed.
      We will pull each other up and we will make this world a better place,
      together in 2011!

  4. Hi Ivana,
    thanks again for another year long series of inspiring blogs/shipments, hope to see more of them into the next year and wish you a very happy new year. As for end of year review, that implies extreme planning, not sure that could be said to be in the cards.

  5. I like doing a year end review so that I can celebrate accomplishments. Otherwise, I focus too much on what I haven’t done.

    Seeing what I have done, helps me push myself to plan bigger over the coming year.

    I also like to have a theme for the year. 2010 was Deliver. I picked it before I met Seth and read Linchpin. 2011 is Partnerships. I have an ambitious list of things to do and I will never get them done if I don’t work with other people.

    Thanks for this Question of the Week, Ivana.
    Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Frances!
      It is always delightful to read your comments. I am sure you have done a great deal of art, which matters this year.
      Oh, my it must have been awesome to meet Seth in person!!!
      Please, count on me and SCG-ers to join you in your cause, just shout out at us, you know where to find us.

  6. Usually, I create plans for the next year but I always keep them very flexible because, you know, my priorities change throughout the year. It just happens that things that used to matter then, don’t matter now – for example, I don’t really care about having straight A’s or getting a driver’s license anymore.

    Also, there are things I tried to do, but it just wasn’t possible, for example: after every time I went to the gym, I got flu or sore throat and I couldn’t go there for the next two weeks… or the last three or four months I’ve had problems with my knee so I got to spend most of the time in my bed with great books and movies, and in the end, focusing on my mind and not my body turned out to be a good thing. I reduced my stress which made me stop overeating and because of that, I lost weight without having to sweat nor envy sexy people’s bodies at the gym. 😉

    Don’t take me wrong, though, next year I’m trying again. I’m giving myself enough time ’cause I really don’t want my life to be a pursuit of happiness, but much more of a walk through the garden of happiness. (I bet they look like Hyde Park, for that matter.) 🙂

    This year, I haven’t got everything I wanted, but I’ve got everything I needed. I’m really grateful I haven’t let slip any opportunity this year gave me. I’ve made the most of it and I’d dare to call twenty-ten the best year of my life (yet).

    • Whoa, what a long comment Franz!
      Thank you and I am delighted that this question inspired you to compose such a reply. Awesome!
      It is obvious you have learned more about you in this year & that you have learned to listen you signals your body is giving you.
      I also like your gratitude attitude and believe me I am also grateful, that there is such talented young man in Slovakia.
      See you in 2011 – I have no doubt that you will join us on NGLS conference in 22 days.
      P.S.: Who cares about straight As!;-)

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