4 Years. Go.

I have reserved space for posting interesting videos to my posterous blog, because I wanted to dedicated this blog only for originally created stuff, but following video deserves to be presented on this main blog.

Thanks @ Steve Pavlina‘s blog post for inspiration. I am sending message forward.

Let us AWAKE.

Everyone’s voice matters.

We are creators of our future.

Not “they” , but US.

4 Years. Go.


  1. Inspiring. I am setting 4 years goals now as well.:)

  2. SALAM

    great job,,,,,,,,yup these 4 years are very important…new goals for all,new achievements and inshallah they will com true..we are all working for new dimensions…thanx for the spirit..

    have a great day.

  3. Thx for this message!!! I post this everywhere I can 😉

    I think, everybody can change its direction, but people must start conversation with others on this topic. And this is in the hands most of all, big companies which make 70% of this shit. Maybe more %.


    • Ivana Sendecka says:

      Thanks Bro,
      start dialogue is important but taking actions to change things is more important!
      We need to truly act and even small things matters. Just we need to start.

      • Yes absolutely true, I just forget wrote that “Firstly” we need spreading message!!! After that we can do something bigger because small things can be made by a people individually but when we just started spreading our thoughts about this problem between other people, than we can do more…

        PS: Maybe two is a lot… 😉

  4. Thanks Ivana! for bringing this to all of us. Yes if we all work together then we can save Earth and make it better place.

  5. It’s interesting how I see videos like this now, compared to the past. In the past, I might start by asking, “How to make it happen?” That was before I went through some lessons in argumentation.

    Now, I find myself wanting precision on the claims, the premises, the inferences … etc.

    When I saw Bill Gates share his approach for how he prioritizes where to spend his time, energy, and resources for solving world problems, as part of the Gates Foundation, I was amazed at how easily he could turn data into a meaningful story rich with impact and ROI. He has to choose his problems well, and he’s known for really thinking through the bigger picture.

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